Life in the Day of Me (I'm so Mixed Up.....)

7:48 PM

Life is so crazy. At least, mine is. I think I feel a headache coming on. Seriously.

After getting over my writing trouble, I was happy. Until I realized that nothing had changed; I was still in a rut. And there I remain. I have a new name for my once-nameless-character, so that isn't the problem. It's what to do next. I have to make a big decision that--well, I don't want to make. But I must make the choice because a lot of the story depends on this decision. That kind of stinks.

Other than that, my life is pretty nice. I just wrote another song and I'm working on one that one of my friends doesn't like because--and I quote--"It's so prejudiced against city girls!" Then she went on to say what a hillbilly I am. Maybe it's true; but I'm working on the song anyway. Morgan and I want to make it sound really hillbilly-like. And eventually, a video will be in order. It should be pretty fun--and country people--at least in my area--will be able to relate to it. Although city people might scowl at me (I'm not mean to city people in the song, I just poke fun at them).

The latest news in my house is that when my bff came over for our birthday, she brought Star Wars Episode II and III. Long story short, my sister fell in love with the movies. So I bought them. Her new nickname is Padawan (that's a Jedi in training). She calls me Yoda because I'm "short like him". Star Wars is pretty cool. And you can't help but love Yoda, and how he puts the verb at the end.

So, until next time--and in the words of Yoda-- Miss you, I will.

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