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8:51 PM

Remember how I said I lost one of my songs? Well, I never did find it. But I rewrote it. And I pretty much have all of the music finished *smiles proudly*. That means I've almost completed one of my goals for this year--completely finish at least two of my songs. And I have one done. That. Is. Sweeet. Just sayin'.

It's thunderstorming. But it's beautiful. I like to look for beauty in everything--it makes life so much more pleasant. If you always look for the bad in something, then your life is going to stink. Seriously. I'm not saying that we should ignore bad stuff, and pretend that everything is perfect. But I think to look for something beautiful, because beauty makes the painful times happy, and the happy times awesome. And I like awesome stuff.

Well, I am super excited because the Rebelution tour is coming to my town! I'm going--definitely. Anyone who is interested in going, let me know--I think it would be awesome to get a group together.

Some other new is that I have 21 pages in Rebel Yell. It's not much and looking at it right now seems like a puny number (because it is *sniff sniff*). I'm happy with the 21 though, and I am so excited about my book. It is so...cool to watch how the plot has changed. It used to be a play called Two Little Boys and my! is it different! I decided that the story wasn't too bad and I wanted to rewrite it. But writing in play format is kind of difficult (at least for me) and the play would probably never get performed anyway. So, I changed it into a book. And now, I have Rebel Yell.

That concludes my random post of the day. I promise that I will try to post tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Emily. I totally agree with you about looking for the beauty in everything! I really got on here though to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great day!


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