Just Me Again

10:19 AM

Well, it's official. My brother is now taller than me and my mom. How depressing.

I'm pretty sure of where my novel is going. I solved my problem and I'm ready to get writing. Once again though, I need a name. One that means disappointed would do nice, I think. Anyway, I'm so glad that I finally figured out what the problem was--this has been going on for a week at least! But it's all over now and I can get back to writing again.

Well, yesterday was pretty fun. We went outside with the neighbors and flew a kite. Actually, we spent most of the time trying to get the kite up in the air. One of us got a mouthful of kite trying to get it up. Hehe. It was pretty funny. After that, my brother had baseball practice. So, Ashlyn Sound gathered together in our band studio--my basement. We sang songs, played guitar and piano--and of course, we talked. Mostly funny stories and weird dreams we've had. Morgan looked over my newest song; I'm not going to put it on my blog, because it's not completely finished yet. We're not even sure if we'll put it on the market someday. It's just one of those funny songs that you laugh at. Bethanie says it's violent. Maybe...

I guess that's all for now. There's not much too tell about my life at this current point in time, other than how excited I am about different things in my book. And you probably are tired of hearing about my book. So I'll let you go know. Have a grrrreat week!

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