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I think I'm past my roadblock. But some major changes may be in store for Rebel Yell. I'm really anxious to see what will happen to one of my favorite characters; a small realization has hit me between the eyes, and so some things are going to change--in a good way.

Well, on Thursday, my friend came over so we could celebrate our birthday (we have the same b-day and are only a few hours apart). Unlike most normal teen girls who would go to the mall, or get a manicure--we decided to watch Episodes 1 and 2 of Star Wars (The Clone Wars and Revenge Of The Sith). I am not a big Sci-Fi or fantasy person. But Star Wars and Narnia are exceptions. Star Wars  is just awesome. If you don't like it, fine. You're entitled to your own opinion. But I love it. I'm always humming Darth Vader music. My little sister points two fingers at me in the Darth Vader gesture and says, "May the force be with you". And after watching the first 3 episodes, I understand things so much better. *dreamy sigh* Star Wars is awesome....

I have a lot of the music for the theme song to Rebel Yell. If you would of told me a year ago that composing was hard--I would have laughed at you. But I have changed my mind. Definitely. So yes, I am writing a song to go with my book. But I have heard a few songs that also go with the story. And my favorite of them all is Josh Groban's song, To Where You Are. It's so beautiful (it's on my blogs music player, if you want to listen to it). Every time I listen to it, I feel like I need to sit down and cry. And cry. And cry. It's so bittersweet. And if you know me, then you know that
                                                          I love bittersweet things.
Everything in this post is bittersweet; writing, Star Wars--yes, that is soooo bittersweet!--music...I can't help it....

Thanks to this post, I have realized just how extremely much I love bittersweet things. A lot. But I'm okay with that. Cuz it's who I am.

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