4:50 PM

It's a beautiful day here in Meadows. It is 65 degrees, and very sunshiney. Of course, that makes me happy.

What have I been doing since yesterday? Let's see...I have written another song--just lyrics, mind you; the music takes longer than just one day. And really, that's the only momentous thing I have done--other than having my window open! (For those of you who are new to this blog, I love having my window open. It's an obsession, a sign of spring. Something I look forward to over the winter. But enough of that.)

It's just one of those quiet days that can only be spent dreaming. Or at least feeling dreamy. I feel like all I should be doing is sitting at my window, feeling the spring breeze, staring off into space...and maybe even writing some lyrics for a song; just writing down what I feel. I feel so safe, and secure, like I did when I was little. Like this is the only place in the world, like I can do anything. Everything seems perfect. It's at times like these that I am fearless. I don't worry about school, I don't worry about anything. There is only the air, me, and a piece of paper. The words pour out of my soul. And voila! I have a song. I love days like today. Somehow, it makes me feel stronger. And it is because of today that I feel like conquering the world.
                                                                I am undaunted.

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  1. Wow - Emily - you really are a good writer! Very poetic.


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