Something Good

10:40 PM

Right now, Annie is sick. The poor thing is coughing half the time. I really feel bad for my little sis. She's sleeping now, though; the rest of us are watching Nascar (the race is at Bristol).

Tonight was Youth Night--and as usual, I loved it. This time, though, we did a joint Youth Night with another youth group; that added to the fun. Afterwards, there was a linger longer (fellowship), but my dad and I didn't stay (the rest of my family was at home, sick), because it looked kind of crowded. So we stopped at the store and got some ice cream for home (after he got me a cheeseburger).

Today, I was thinking of my family--again. I still firmly believe that I am blessed with the best family on earth. I've got great cousins, great aunts and uncles, great grandparents, and great immediate family (mom, dad, brother, sister). When I say "family" most people think I only mean my siblings. But to me, family is much more. Maybe that's because I live next door to my cousins; maybe it's because I've known them my whole life. Our family is extremely close, and I know that I am very blessed because of that. There are some people who can't stand their family; some people don't even know their family. But me? I'm stuck with 'em  : )   And their stuck with me--see, once you have me once, you've got me forever. I always dreaded the days when my cousins would grow up and move away. But they didn't move away. And my cousin Jackie married a great--and funny--guy who fit in with the family just great. Plus, now there's Londan, my adorable 1st cousin once-removed (cousin for short). I can't imagine life without hearing Londan yell in her baby accent, "Emi! Emi!" or wave and shout, "B-bye!". Really, I am blessed. Like that one song in The Sound of Music says, "I must have done something good."

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