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10:30 PM

Another beautiful day. It was 77 degrees, and I spent about three hours playing catch with my brother. We got out his velocity ball, and played around with that, too. I found out that I can throw 40 mph. And my favorite pitch is a four-seamed fastball (or in my case, four-seamed slowball).

It really felt like summer Maybe that's why I started to get into the writing mood--but then, it put me somewhat in a bad mood, because I got sunburned, and now my face is so sore! But really, I am happy. I keep coming up with ideas that seem great for my book, and I think I may have finished the theme song--although I'm still thinking it over. I think that I might put a character sketch of the main character. I'll give you a run over of four of my favorite characters.

Elsie Hatton: The MC (main character). She is sixteen when the book starts, but is extremely mature for her age. Of course, going through the Civil War makes her grow up all the more. For the most part, she is independent, but she relies and looks up to her older brothers. The biggest influence on her life growing up was her cousin, Lee, but over the past year he has changed completely, and Elsie feels like she doesn't know him.

Wade Sumpter: Wade meets Elsie's older brother's Jack and Joe after the battle of Bull Run. He accompanies Jack and Joe home to gather up some horses for the Calvary. And meets Elsie. Probably needless to say, Elsie and Wade start to write to each other, and then they fall in love (I wasn't planning on it, but they fell in love so perfectly). But, thanks to the war, complication after complication arises. And of course, there is Edward.

Edward Cotton: Elsie's childhood friend growing up. She hadn't seen him for nearly three years when he showed up on Christmas, 1860. Then, Edward proposes. Elsie turns him down, because she Edward said that his Virginian town/home is all for secession--and because she doesn't love him. Edward asks her to reconsider it once more before he leaves for home, but Elsie's answer is "no" again. So Edward heads home with a heavy heart, and joins the Confederate army. But they meet one more time.

 Lee Campbell:  Elsie's oldest--and once favorite--cousin. Lee used to be a carefree, happy boy who loved life and fun. But then he became a bitter, dark, young man. No one was quite sure what made the change, but many had theories. Someone who will fight to the death, Lee went to West Point and is a lieutenant in the Confederate army. Even his superior officers wonder what makes Lee the dark man he is.

And those are my four favorite characters. In the original plot, I didn't pay much attention to Lee. In fact, I thought he was just a guy who was a sarcastic sourpuss. Really, there is so much more to him. Wade just...happened. And Edward? Well, he came out of nowhere; even more so than Wade. But, I am thankful for each one, and I really think that they are making the story so much more interesting. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Those characters are great and make me excited to read the book!

    It WAS beautiful yesterday - so nice to be outside without a coat and gloves. Of course, I was stuck inside until work was over. :(


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