More Snow?

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I really can't believe that there is snow on the ground. I'm ready for spring to come. I'm ready to sit by my open window. I think that spring will kind of jolt my senses as far as writing goes. When it's summer I'm in "the zone". I write more in the summer than any other time. I'm always writing. Which leads me to my next point.

After getting plenty of feedback from you, my dear bloggers, I have come to a decision. I am working on Book 1 of the My Meadows Series. Right now, I'm only planning on two books (not much of a series, I  know) but I'm not sure if I'll have a third or not. It would be a trilogy at the most. It's got to end somewhere. I'm still trying to think of names for very important characters. Right now, these are the names I have:

Bella: the main character.

Skylar: Bella's best friend.

Jesse: Bella's other best friend.

Danielle: The new girl in the neighborhood--she also becomes one of Bella's best friends.

Buddy: Danielle's brother; his real name is Asher.

Chase: Danielle's childhood friend.

Now, a few notes. These names all have meanings that hold some kind of significance. Jesse means gift; and Bella feels like Jesse's friendship is a real blessing. Speaking of Bella. Her real name is Isabella. I have always loved the name Isabella, and when I was writing the story, it just got shortened to Bella. Here is the problem, though. One of my friends said that the main character of Twilight's name is Isabella, but everyone calls her Bella.

That's the problem. I don't want people to think I'm a Twilight fan, because I am not. I've never even read the books or watched the movie. The other problem is that people will think I'm stealing the name--and I'm not. I tried to find other names. I thought about Aria. But a lot of people pronounce it "Area" instead of "Are--ia". So, I moved on. Other ideas were, Juliet, Della, Verity, Psyche (when I was really desperate), and many others. But none of I decided to close my eyes, and pretend that I was walking up to my character, and she introduced herself. As Isabella. "Bella, for short," I heard her say. No matter what, I can't find any other name that fits her. So, I'm keeping it Bella, for now.

Danielle is another name that I'm trying out. Her original name was Chloe, but that didn't fit her. So, I'm trying Danielle. Next is Chase. I'm not sure if I'll keep that name, but I think I will. Who knows what could happen by the time I'm done finishing the first draft, though?

Anyway, that's the plan. Kind of. By the way, I need to ask for more advice.  My friend Morgan and I are trying to come up with a name for our band. Our previous name was Perfectly Immature, but we wanted something that sounded more professional. Here are some ideas.

  • Valiant
  • Odyssey
  • Serenity
  • New Civilization
  • Ashlyn
  • Generation Courage
  • The Unknown
  • My Hero
  • Psyche
  • Clique
I had originally thought of naming our band, Avalon but then one of my friends told me that a Christian group has the name (and that was my favorite, too!). Just tell me what you think. Thank y'all!

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  1. Well, if her name is Isabella, she could go by Izzy - just a thought. I read a book as a teenager called Izzy-Willy-Nilly. I don't think Bella is a problem though - the name was used way before Twilight.

    For the bad, I like Serenity or Valiant.

    I can't wait to read your book!


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