It's a Three Way Tie!

7:42 PM

I'm still trying to decide between which of my three favorite stories to write. In case you can't remember, it's a three way tie between the My Meadows series (which I will write sometime in my life), Rebel, and Rebel Yell (I think one will be getting a name change--I don't want the books confused with each other). Maybe you would be so kind as to tell me which you think sounds most interesting. And yes, that means that I'm going to tell you about each. So brace yourselves.

Rebel: Twenty years from now, the government has been diminished to Communism. But one man gathers together a group of Americans who want to change things back to the way they were. The leader is killed, though, and his nephew takes charge. Brynn Mason, the murdered leader's daughter, is a skilled soldier, and is ready and willing to fight, but she her cousins won't let her. Anxious to fight, Brynn volunteers to spy on the government's army, so she can help win a major battle. But will she be able to get important information back in time?

My Meadows (series): This tells the story of a group of kids, growing up and trying to find their place in the world--and believe me, it's full of drama. I've taken things from my own life and dramatized them. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll fall in love with each of the characters.

Rebel Yell:  Christmas, 1860. Two families are in Gettysburg, celebrating the holidays together; the Hattons, from Gettysburg, and their southern cousins, the Campbells (from Atlanta, Georgia). But all is not well. At the Hatton's annual Christmas ball, a fight breaks out between the Campbells, and the locals from Gettysburg. Soon, the Campbells are back home, and a great war--the War Between the States--has started. The family is torn apart, the Campbells fighting for the south, and the Hatton's fighting for the north. But the Hatton's have trouble at home. A rumor is going around that the family is providing supplies for the South. And it doesn't help things any when the two armies come to Gettysburg, and a Confederate soldier shows up at the Hatton's front door, bringing up part of the families past.

So, what do you think? Rebel Yell has a better summary, I think--much more interesting. Maybe that's because I've had two years (at least) to think it over. Some of you may remember it better as the play, Two Little Boys. The plot has changed immensely, and now, it is a novel. Let me know what'cha think. By the way, do you know that I already have a theme song for My Meadows, and Rebel? Now, I only need one for Rebel Yell.

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  1. I think they all sound great! :) I think the My Meadowbrook would be cool, you could focus on the diversity between the kids, but how they also have certain things in common and that's how they grow together.

  2. I like the sound of rebel yell, but my meadowbrook does sound fun! (I might be a bit partial)

  3. Well Emily, of course you know how I love Civil War stories so I'm voting for Rebel Yell. It sounds wonderful. I'd like an autographed copy when it is released!

  4. Thanks for all the help!! It's very much appreciated!

  5. I vote for Meadowbrook! So now it's a tie again! LOL

  6. Yep, I guess so. I started it over last night. I can't wait till I get to book two. That will be soooo fun!!! :))


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