"Is That How It Ends?!?!"

3:27 PM

Have you ever read a book and thought, "That should never had ended that way!" ? I have. So, I imagined a different ending; how I would have written it. I then decided that when people read my books, they will not be disappointed at the ending. But then I got to thinking. There will always be at least one person who isn't happy. Take any random book. Some people like the secondary guy character better than the main one. So, when the heroine marries the main guy character, some people get mad. That can't be stopped--unless of course you make the secondary guy  be so evil--so utterly despicable that you can't help but hate him. I don't want to do that, though. I just have to accept that there are some people who will get to the end of my book, throw it down, and say, "That was a waste of time!"

Today is a beautiful day--up to 55 degrees. It's great for thinking--even more than thinking--pondering. And it's warm. Plus, I am exceptionally happy because me dark blue shirt makes my eyes look blue--just like the heroine's eyes in my story. But I suppose that kind of happy is a juvenile happiness. And short lived.

So, with the thought that someone will always be unhappy with my books, I will leave you. Somehow, though, the thought of someone being upset by my work doesn't daunt me. I still feel happy. In fact, I might write now. After I wrap my sister's presents. And get ready for her party at seven. It's time for this cleaning Cinderella to find her fairy-godmother.

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  1. One of my fiction professors in college told me that it was okay to give your readers an ending that they didn't like or didn't anticipate, but you had to leave them feeling that things were resolved. You had to fulfill any "promises" that you set up. He has several published books, so I figure he knows what he's doing.


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