Before I Die... (Part 2)

10:10 AM

#4. I have aways wanted to water ski. Maybe it's because I've grown up watching my family do it. I don't know. But I do.

#5. Make a CD! It would be amazing to totally finish all of my songs and get them recorded. For a senior project, Ashlyn Sound (my musical group with Morgan and Bethanie) is plannig on making a CD. I'm glad we thought of this now instead of the year we entered 12th grade, because it's going to take awhile to get everything totally together. Right now, we only have one guitar, one piano, and...uh, that's about it. Of course, we have a singer or three.

#6. Drive a car. And that by that, I mean not driving in the backyard. Actually driving (anyone who know me--or my family for that matter--knows how I feel about this).

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  1. you will have to try water skiing at the lake this year!

  2. You - want to drive a car? Hm...I may have heard that somewhere! I like the new blog design!


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