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5:45 PM

Well, as soon as I finished school today, I went downstairs and worked on my song. It might not be much, but I'm happy with how it's turning out. It's kind of like a theme song to one of my books. And that's kind of cool if you think about it. Once I get it finished I'd like to make a music video of it. It shouldn't be that hard, because I took a bunch of experiences from when I was younger and put it to music (Morgan is working on the guitar part for me).

Even though I don't like cold weather, I can put up with it when the world is beautiful. And this morning, I was sitting at my window, with the sun as bright as could be, and the sky was a deep blue. It was breathtaking. So...yeah, I'm tired of winter. But I do like seeing ice-covered trees.

Have you ever wanted something really bad, but you felt like you would never be able to have it? Maybe it was a dream, maybe it was a car. But you didn't think like you would ever be able to get your hands on it. That's how I sometimes feel about writing. And I'll tell you something: I find it hard to finish books. I've been writing stories for a while--and I've only finished two stories (they were short stories). I thought that maybe I wasn't a real writer. But I was reading a book for teens who like to write and the author said that a lot of teens start books, and get bored with them. She said that when that happens you could lay off the writing for a while. There are two books right now that have been floating around in my mind. They are both haunting me. One of them is the My Meadows series. The other is a story that has been on my mind for nearly two weeks--but that first was a little shaking and it had a crash land (I stopped writing). But maybe I'll work on it tonight. Maybe I'll get to now my characters better. It's an action-packed adventure--and I love adventure. There's also a character in it that is based on one of my best friends. The story seems exciting--in my mind, at least..

Well, it's time for supper, and I want to eat all my veggies, because I made brownies for desert. I guess I'll leave you now. I'll try and post on Saturday so I can tell you all about the Nerf activity my youth group is having tomorrow night. It should be really fun. So goodnight, blogger buds!

A snapshot I took during the power failure.

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  1. Very cool pic of the candles, Em!

    Don't worry about not finishing your stories - sometimes it is good to let them simmer for a while and then come back to them. Let's face it - starting is the hardest part so you've got that done!


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