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So...the Super Bowl is tonight, and I'm cheering for the Steelers (for Packer fans). I have abandoned the game however, for America's funniest home videos. But all I care about now is the last commercial I just saw--for Pirates the Caribbean! It's coming out on May 19th and I am soooo excited. It's supposed to be about Blackbeard--ooooh.

Cute moment of the day: My baby cousin Londan is so adorable. Well, tonight was Youth Night. Pastor Nathan (my youth pastor) said, "We need to be zealous for God!" And Lady Londan yelled, "Amen!" It's not the first time this amazing 1 and a half year old has done this. Isn't she just awesome?

I'd like to ask y'all something. What do you think about a book that takes place in 10 or 20 years? What if the government had turned Communist and some people rebelled--what if there was a civil war? I asked three of my friends about it, and one thought it sounded, "cool". Another didn't answer. The other one said, "oh, it sounds awesome! I always like stuff that could happen in the future." I'd like some more input though. So I'd like to ask you. The story would go something like this:

Brynn Mason's parents were killed when she was a baby, and would have been killed herself if it hadn't been for her cousin Vince (he was modeled after one of my best friends, and my cousin, David). Brynn's father was the leader of a rebel movement against the now Communist government (that was who killed him). So, Brynn and Vince's cousin Erik takes charge of the Rebels.

Fast forward fourteen years later. Brynn has been raised by her mother's best friend, Mrs. Kale, but has been trained in fighting by her cousins Erik and Vince, along with her best friend, Riley Kale. Brynn would love be to out with the rest of the soldiers, but the women aren't allowed to fight. So, she's a fourteen year-old girl who is better with a gun than most of the men, but not allowed to use her skills.Years pass, and her longing to do something for the Rebel Cause only grows stronger.

Years go by, and the Rebel's are losing men fast--the youngest of the soldiers being fourteen year-old boys. Then, the inevitable moment comes--the government has found the Rebel base, and plans on attacking it. The Rebel's know that they might have a chance at victory, if they can attack the government army first. Brynn volounteers to be a spy, and Erik lets her. Then...

I can't tell you any more. I'm hoping I didn't tell you too much (actually, I don't think I did). What did you think? Is it too far fetched? Please tell me what you think (not what I'd like to hear). I'd really like to know. So please comment and tell me. I'm counting on you.

                   Stay tuned for the lyrics of my song Ghosts of the Past. And possibly the music.

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  1. Emily, this is a fantastic story idea! I was hooked just by your brief description. It will stand out to publishers because others aren't doing anything like it. I think even Pappy would like this story because of the spy stuff! Go for it!

  2. Really? Sometimes I feel like it's a hopeless mess, but a lot of people say it sounds cool, and even it it never gets finished, it will help me become a better writer, so...I guess I'll work on it.


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