A Really Great Guy

7:02 PM

I'm getting used to not using my camera. I haven't got a new one yet, because my dad wants to make sure that it's not the battery that's dead. It's kind of depressing when I see something cool and yell, "I'm gonna get my camera!" only to remember that when I go get it, my camera won't turn on. That's sad.

Tonight, I'm hoping to get some things done for Rebel. I pretty much understand Brynn--she's someone that is very fascinating to me. Riley on the other hand--while he is just as fascinating as Brynn--he is standing in the background, watching everything, with somewhat of a sardonic smile on his face. It's almost like he is high above everyone else--like he's special. I suppose that he is. Riley is a really smart guy, who is pretty much skilled at everything--with a special talent and love for fighting (e.i. soldiering). He has wonderful aim (with a gun), is a great knife thrower, and learned fencing at a young age. He is very strong, and is good at wrestling. Like I said before, he is a really smart kid, who knows about the mistakes of history, and...well, he excels at pretty much every subject.

I suppose I should leave now, because I have to watch a movie for school. See ya!

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