My Role Model Growing Up

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Well, the recital is all over. I didn't get too nervous--except for the fact that I felt like I couldn't breathe. I think that may have been excited-ness, however. Anyway, I only made a few minor mistakes, I didn't trip, and...what else? Oh, I had a good time. Everyone did a great job, and when all the students got their pictures taken, it was like being swarmed upon by the paparazzi--it was glorious. Haha, okay, I might not like it if I had to live with it. But in my family, someone is always taking our picture. The biggest problem with a ton of people taking 20 kid's picture, is knowing where to look.

I was thinking this week. What about? Anything and everything. When you are a writer, you are practically a professional thinker. But I got to thinking about role models. You know, everyone has a role model. For some people, it's Superman. For other people, it's their grandpa, or their mom, or their uncle who has traveled to Turkey. But my role model wasn't any of those. It wasn't really someone who was that much older than I was.

My cousin Jackie.

I never really wished I had an older sister growing up--and I think that's because I had Jackie. I like she was about twelve years older than me, but I didn't mind. To me, Jackie was the coolest person ever. She had cool friends, she was tall (compared to me) and she went to high school. And she was--and is--the kindest person I've ever met. I already told you how awesome my cousins are. So you already know a lot about them because I tell you all the time. But I'm going to tell you again.

Ever summer after supper, I would run up to Jackie's house to play with her. And she never sent me home. I would go to her house to play with her and her friends. I get a little annoyed when my brother and sister do that with my friends--even if they aren't bothering anything. But Jackie didn't--at least, she didn't let on if she did. And I don't mind. But the fact that she didn't show it--that she included me--has had a long lasting effect on me--considering that I'm still only fourteen and a half years-old.

Jackie was cool to me, and I wanted to be like her. I wanted a ton of friends like her. I wore my hair in a bun, just like Jackie did. I kept my hair long, like Jackie did. I had flip-flops glued to my feet like Jackie did. I learned to play the flute ( Jackie did). I even wanted plump lips like Jackie.

Now, Jackie is all grown up and has a little girl named Londan. And I miss her, now that she doesn't live next door (although I'm happy that Londan and Jim are part of the family now). But I still want to be like her; I want to leave a deep impression on some little girl like Jackie did. I want to be the hero to someone, that Jackie was to me. And that's all there is to it.

Jackie and Londan (Londan is the small one).

So take the statement or leave it. My role model growing up was my cousin, Jackie (her real name is Jacquelyn--I hope I spelled it right, but I'm so used to writing Jackie that I forget). Now, I have more role models. But Jackie still remains on my list. And I'll always remember her and everything she's ever done for me. Cuz I love her. I don't need a big sister--I already have one.

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  1. Hi Emily. I am so glad that I got to grow up living beside you (and mark and annie), and I am honored to have made an impact on the beautiful and kind girl that you have grown up to be :)

    p.s. be glad that you don't have my lips. I was always self conscious of them. hehe :)

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Jackie! You have been blessed with wonderful cousins. I'm so happy for you and your siblings!

  3. Thanks. I still think your lips are nice, Jackie :))

    p.s. yep, I do have awesome family--I'm very blessed.


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