My Journey as a Songwriter

8:16 PM

Last night was great. My youth group had a split activity and the senior high was doing fondue. It was pretty fun. We played a few games, like Pit--which was a lot more quite without the senior high--Buzz Word, and Uno. Plus, I got to hold baby Moses. Most of the time, though, we all just talked. And it was pretty fun. We talked about movies, and told jokes...I must say that I am part of probably the most fun youth group. I'm very blessed.

Today I had a great two hours with Morgan. For the most part, we just hung out, and talked, but we did look over some songs of mine, and talked about our senior project--we're doing a joint one and it is seriously cool (I already told you about it). I really love music, you know. I'm so excited about getting together a CD in a few years (or maybe even before!)--I've been writing lyrics like crazy. That is the easiest part of songwriting--for me, at least. I'll be playing reading a book, writing, or watching a movie...really I'll be doing anything...and I'll hear this song in the back of my head. So, I run and grab a pencil, and a piece of paper, and then jot down my words. By the time I'm done writing it down, I've forgotten the music. So, I sit and think over a tune, or run to my keyboard. If I can't come up with anything, then I show it to Morgan. Today, we were working on one of my newest songs, I'll Forget You. I would really like to make a music video out of it, and it will be very sad. It's a slow, sweet, and really heart-rending song. About...look at the title...forgetting. Whether it's your biggest dream, your shining knight, or a loved one that has died, you will probably be able to identify with this song. And that is one of my goals when I write songs; I want people to be able to identify with my songs. I want them to be able to turn on my CD and say, "I completely understand what this song means--it could be my theme song!" I'd like people to know and feel what I write about (Morgan does, too). Hopefully, I'm making progress; some of my earlier songs were, bad. They stunk. Only fit for burning. And yet I can never do that.

So, here I am, climbing The Alpine Path, once again. I finally feel like my journey as a songwriter has begun.

P.S. Morgan is a really great guitarist, and one of these days I'm going to put a video of her on here for you, so you can see all the amazing talent that she has. Then I'm going to get her autograph, because she'll proabably sell a million and a half copies of a CD sold, and be the next great star--she'll live forver in the hall of fame.

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  1. You are one talented young lady, Emily! I want to hear some of these songs! Glad you had a nice weekend with lots of good friends.


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