The Life of a Writer

4:27 PM

Do you know that some people think it is extremely easy to write a story? Some people think it's easy to write songs, too. May I just say that those people are extremely wrong? When I started writing, I thought, "Oh come on, how hard can it be?" Very hard. Coming up with ideas, now--that is too easy. I can't help coming up with ideas. But getting them done on paper is another thing. Emily of New Moon puts it perfectly,

"My fingers tingle to grasp a pen--my brain teems with plots. I've a score of fascinating dream characters I want to write about. Oh, if there only were not such a chasm between seeing a thing and getting it down on paper!" -L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs

For instance: Rebel sounded so logical when I decided that I wanted to write it down. Now that I've tried to think deeper about the story, I'm finding out how complicated it all is. I have to ask myself, "Would this really happen? If it did happen, why?" Somethings, I found out are actually believable; other things...only a three year-old would believe. But they wouldn't understand why.

Characters are easy--and yet they're hard, too. Take Riley, for example. At first, he was a happy guy who had a bright disposition and was always smiling. But then I heard him saying, "That's not me. You better change your picture of me, or I'll hate you forever for all the lies you've told." And even though it was hard, I dug a little deeper and met the real Riley--he's the dark type of good-guy who you love despite that fact that sometimes he a know-it-all and he's stubborn. Hey, everyone has faults! Next is Brynn. She's still being figured out. She's so very different from my other characters. She's also somewhat of a dark character--although not as much as Riley. She's willing to fight for what she believes in and (pardon the expression) she ain't lettin' go.

Then comes the climax of my book. I've got it all planned out. And yet I'm kind of scared to get there. I should have said, "I think I've got it somewhat planned out." What if it changes? What if one of my favorite characters dies? I know that I'm the author's my character's story. I can't change it. I have to tell the truth. To help me write the book, I've been trying to listen to songs that kind of go along with the idea of the story. Sadly, there aren't any songs in my library that are about what the world go be in ten or twenty years, and there was a civil war. There just aren't any. I like listening to Oceano on my Josh Groban CD (it's in Italian), but that's really all I've found. So I thought, maybe I could write a song for it; then, if Rebel ever gets made into a movie, I can play my song during the credits (nice dream, but I'm not sure that will happen).

So what am I going to go do right now? I'm going to go work on my song for Rebel! Maybe I'll even work on Rebel, too. But I might be so caught up in the music that I start to right lyrics for another song...oh, the life of a writer is so confusing...But fun.

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  1. Just don't ever stop writing because it's hard...even harder than writing is starting up again after you've stopped! Take it from me!


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