I'm A Rebel

2:34 PM

You know how some things are super crazy? That's kind of what I've been thinking for the last week. I guess it all started on Friday night, when me and my friend Cassandra watched ten kids--the oldest was nine or ten--and the youngest was a four month old baby. I had fun, but I was pretty tired. Next, I realized that in order to do my senior project, I have to start now, because, while it will be really fun--and it will make one of my dreams come true--it will also be difficult. What is it? I plan on finishing all of my songs that I write, and then go to a studio to get them recorded. That means that I havet to start completing my songs now, and get people to sing and play instruments. And that's after I see how many people I need. After that's done, I get to design the CD case (finally, something easy!).

So, I'm busy. That's the whole of it. I'm busy being the most unusal average teen. Who is also a rebel. I was thinking about that today. I'm a rebel. I'm not the type of rebel who stays out all night and drives their car way too fast (I can't drive, anyway). I'm not the type of rebel who hates their parents (my parents are awesome people!). But I'm the type of rebel who is part of the Rebulution (Do Hard Things); I'm the type of rebel who reads her Bible. I won't accept failure ( "Failure is not an option"). I'm just your average teen, who loves to write, daydream, is country girl, a born-again Christian, songwriter, and a musician. On the outside, I seem normal. But if you look closer there is someone who is willing to fight for what they believe in; I'll fight for the ones I love. I'll fight for Jesus, because He gave His life for me. Writing and plotting my story Rebel has made me realize so much. If there was a civil war between the communists and conservatives in this country--I'd be right up there in the front lines fighting. And that would make people consider me a rebel. Think about Star Wars--Luke Skywalker was a rebel. In the Revolutionary War, we (that's us Americans) were considered rebels. So yeah, I guess I'm a rebel, too. And I'm proud of it.

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  1. It is impossible for me to be any prouder of you than I am!


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