Taking Things for Granted (That awful phrase)

12:19 PM

Well, the dentist said my teeth are fine and I don't need braces. I cannot describe my relief. But that's enough of that.

A lot of people seem to like the idea of Rebel. So, last night I just thought about the story. I put myself in the main character's shoes. I thought about the climax a lot. How would I feel if I pretty much knew that my two cousins--my only family in the world--and my best friend--and other good friends--were about to die. What would I be thinking, knowing that I would probably never see them again? Whether the climax turns out good or bad, the MC's life will never be the same. I really wanted to get to know Brynn, my main character, so I wrote a character sketch--something that I love to do. So, would you like to meet Brynn? If you do, maybe I'll put her character sketch on here.

Six days from today is Valentines Day. Remember how I said how much I hated that holiday?Well, I don't anymore. I guess all I ever hated was the commercialism. But it is said that we have to have a special day to show people how much we care. I admit, I take my family--and friends--for granted way more than I should. In a few years, my friends will be heading off to college. Some are already in college, or heading there. And my family is growing up (I guess I am, too). My cousins Jackie is married and I don't get to see her as much as I used to (although I do really like Jim and Londan being part of the family--I wouldn't trade them for anything). My cousin/buddy Jacob is going to be in high school next year (aaa!). That's actually really scary. I don't really see my cousin Natalie at all. But I want to make more of an attempt to stay in contact. Cuz I love my cousins, and I know that I have a better relationship with them than most people--I don't want to let anything ruin that. So I'm not going to take them for granted. Maybe I'll even send them an invitaion to my blog.

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  1. You have no choice but to stay in close contact with me, because even if you try to move away from me, I will hunt you down ALL the time! LOL


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