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Today, I felt like I found a long-lost friend. That friend would be spring.

As I was walking towards my room to do some reading, I smelled something; something I hadn't smelled in a long time. It was a fresh, natural, green grassy type of smell. I instantly new what I was. I ran over to my mom's window and stuck my head out. I smelled spring. Then, I heard geese. They're not exactly my favorite animal, but the honk-honk was a welcome sound. They were back, and spring was almost here. It's only February, I know, and for all I know, we could have a blizzard in a few days. But right now it's 71 degrees and I am walking around outside in a t-shirt (I forgot to put on my flip-flops). So, I'm pretty happy. It's just like what I wrote in one of my books:

"The summer's there [in this case, spring] were like a delicious drink, that you became thirsty for during winter; one sip, and you wanted more, and more."

Or something like that (I don't have the book right here in front of me). I am just so excited. I felt like running outside and screaming to the world, "It feels like spring!!"
I have been thinking about you, my dear blogger buddies. I've been thinking that maybe I should let you into my mind a little. And that is what made me think of writing this post. If you're confused about the name, I'll explain. I got the nickname "Emilemithy" when I was about nine years-old (don't ask how, it's confusing). Well, it became my favorite nickname and I thought it was the coolest word ever. The next part of the title is Dictionary. If you don't know what I dictionary is, go look it up.

Anyway, I have come up with words (I love to do that) and I thought that it would be nice that you know what I mean when I say something. So here goes:

                               Emilemithy's Dictionary

Awesome (aw-sum): This is the word I use when I think something is so amazing that I can't describe it. If I say that you're awesome, then I pretty much mean that I think so much of you, words can't explain you.

Camera (cam-era): This means, "an awesome little electronic box that freezes moments in history, something that I love, and if you have one, I want to play with it." To say it shortly. The camera is also one of my dear friends.

Dictionary (dick-chon-air-ee): Another of my dear friends. A dictionary is what you use when you don't know how to spell or pronounce something. Or if you don't know what it means.

Emilemithy (emee-lemee-thee): My favorite nickname ever!

Emily (ema-lee): That crazy freshmen who is going to turn 15 in April, can't wait to drive, and likes to write.

Family (fam-ill-lee): The best people on earth that I can't possibly love any more.

Fantascinating (fan-tas-in-ate-ing): I came up with this word. It's a combination of fantastic, and fascinating. When I say this I mean, "This is so interesting and amazing!"

Food (foo-d): Chocolate. Or pickles. Or barbecue sauce.

(Bad) Food (baa-d foo-d): Stuff that is called edible but shouldn't be.

Fun (fuh-n): Most of the things that I enjoy.

Friends (fur-ends): People who I love and enjoy hanging out with.

Love (luv): A feeling that makes you do things that people in their right mind not do. It's a completely self-less feeling; it's what that thing that says, "I don't want to live without that person." It's what makes you give up everything and anything for that person or people.

Music (myou-zik): A noise that sounds wonderful; something that makes life--well, life.

School (sk-ool): Something that must be done; something that isn't exactly fun, but I know is good for me; something that I enjoy every once and a while.

Work (were-k): Something that has to be done, might not be much fun, but will help me in the long

Writer (right-er): Someone who is like me.

That's just the first edition of my dictionary. I'll be adding to it soon. I hope y'all enjoy the weather!

              The girl who is always writing... something.

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  1. This was a fun and creative entry! Emilemithy!


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