Thank You For the Music

Monday, February 28, 2011

So, I have a new idea for a song. In a way, that kind of scares me, because I still have spruced up Ghosts of the Past, and I haven't wrote down the music to my latest song, I'll Forget You, yet. Other than that, I'm excited about all the new ideas for songs that I have in my head. I have been trying to get used to singing in higher registers, and any chance I get, I'm at the piano. At night time, when my family watches a movie, I sit with a open notebook on my lap, and a pen behing my ear. Everywhere I go, I carry a little notebook with me, in case I get sudden inspiration. It's filling up fast, though, so I think I'm going to need a new one. I am very excited, though, about my journey as a songwriter and I can't wait to see where it will lead me.

Next to writing, songwriting is one of my biggest dreams. Piano playing, singing, and's so fun! And really, where would I be without music? I listen to it, play, and write it every single day. Just like that old song from Abba says, "Thank You For the Music!"

My Role Model Growing Up

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Well, the recital is all over. I didn't get too nervous--except for the fact that I felt like I couldn't breathe. I think that may have been excited-ness, however. Anyway, I only made a few minor mistakes, I didn't trip, and...what else? Oh, I had a good time. Everyone did a great job, and when all the students got their pictures taken, it was like being swarmed upon by the paparazzi--it was glorious. Haha, okay, I might not like it if I had to live with it. But in my family, someone is always taking our picture. The biggest problem with a ton of people taking 20 kid's picture, is knowing where to look.

I was thinking this week. What about? Anything and everything. When you are a writer, you are practically a professional thinker. But I got to thinking about role models. You know, everyone has a role model. For some people, it's Superman. For other people, it's their grandpa, or their mom, or their uncle who has traveled to Turkey. But my role model wasn't any of those. It wasn't really someone who was that much older than I was.

My cousin Jackie.

I never really wished I had an older sister growing up--and I think that's because I had Jackie. I like she was about twelve years older than me, but I didn't mind. To me, Jackie was the coolest person ever. She had cool friends, she was tall (compared to me) and she went to high school. And she was--and is--the kindest person I've ever met. I already told you how awesome my cousins are. So you already know a lot about them because I tell you all the time. But I'm going to tell you again.

Ever summer after supper, I would run up to Jackie's house to play with her. And she never sent me home. I would go to her house to play with her and her friends. I get a little annoyed when my brother and sister do that with my friends--even if they aren't bothering anything. But Jackie didn't--at least, she didn't let on if she did. And I don't mind. But the fact that she didn't show it--that she included me--has had a long lasting effect on me--considering that I'm still only fourteen and a half years-old.

Jackie was cool to me, and I wanted to be like her. I wanted a ton of friends like her. I wore my hair in a bun, just like Jackie did. I kept my hair long, like Jackie did. I had flip-flops glued to my feet like Jackie did. I learned to play the flute ( Jackie did). I even wanted plump lips like Jackie.

Now, Jackie is all grown up and has a little girl named Londan. And I miss her, now that she doesn't live next door (although I'm happy that Londan and Jim are part of the family now). But I still want to be like her; I want to leave a deep impression on some little girl like Jackie did. I want to be the hero to someone, that Jackie was to me. And that's all there is to it.

Jackie and Londan (Londan is the small one).

So take the statement or leave it. My role model growing up was my cousin, Jackie (her real name is Jacquelyn--I hope I spelled it right, but I'm so used to writing Jackie that I forget). Now, I have more role models. But Jackie still remains on my list. And I'll always remember her and everything she's ever done for me. Cuz I love her. I don't need a big sister--I already have one.

That Thing Called Nervousness

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tomorrow, is my piano recital. All day, I was surprised because I felt so calm, and wasn't nervous at all. Now, I'm starting to get somewhat...hyper--and that means I'm getting jumpy because I'm starting to get nervous. What am I nervous about? I picked a song that wasn't too hard, so I could get it down pat. I've been playing it since Christmas day. I can pretty much play it from memory. Why am I nervous? I think I have the answer.

I'm nervous about getting nervous.

There is absolutely no reason to get nervous--at least, that's what everyone tells me; and I half believe them. Until five minutes ago, I was feeling very confident, in fact. But I'm worried about what will happen when I actually sit on the bench, put my fingers on the keys...and then realize that a whole room full of people have the ability to hear me. It doesn't matter whether anyone is watching me or not. It doesn't matter if anyone is listening or not; most people only care about their own kids. But I get it into my head that people can hear me, whether they are paying attention or not, and then I become paralyzed. So paralyzed that the notes on the page of my music become little black dots, dancing mockingly in front of me. I swallow, and hope for the best, trying not to get my fingers tangled in a knot, just trying to focus on the music.

After reading through that, I have to laugh--you are hearing this from a girl who loves to get up on stage and act; you are hearing this from a girl who loves to play the piano, loves to write songs, and thinks it would be super cool to play with her band at the Super Bowl. I love to perform, but I feel like I can't, because of this thing called nervousness. I feel like I'm the only one who ever goes through this--the sweaty palms, knocking knees, the butterflies--most people only get one symptom, and here I get all three!!! Plus, I get dizzy. I know I'm not the only person (deep down). Am I so concerned about what other people think of me that I get this worked up about performing? I think a big problem is I want to be the best I can be and better. Not just in piano, but in writing, in school, and being a human. But I guess no one is perfect, least of all me--I've got a lot of work to do. And being nervous...there's no reason for that. Why? Cuz I'll be fine. It's not the end of the world if I trip going up to the piano; it's not the end of the world if I play twenty wrong notes. In fact, it might actually be funny if I trip--at least, I'll think so when I'm eighty.

I am just going to push aside this feeling of nervousness. I won't even think about it. And writing things out has made me feel so much better. Plus, performing tomorrow will be enjoyable to me, under all the nerves, and it will make me stronger. I've just got to remember one of my favorite Bible verses, Phillipians 4:13,

                                         I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.

I'll tell you how the recital went tomorrow. Hugs and kisses,

Strangely, a Short Post

Monday, February 21, 2011

I looked out my window today, and saw a world of white. To say the least, I was disappointed. Six inches of snow was outside and I was not happy. I cannot wait until summer. Really.

Other than that, my week is going pretty good. I think I might have a tune for my one song, and I'm having a nice time of just relaxing. Yesterday, I watched the Daytona 500--and I rejoiced when rookie Trevor Baynes won. Why? Because it was really cool to see a rookie win! And Carl Edwards came in 2nd!!! I was pretty happy.

I guess that this will be a short post, because there isn't much to say. It's only Monday, and so far, it's been very uneventful (which may be a good thing). I suppose that tonight, I'll just sit back, and write while we (my family) watches Hogan's Heroes. I might also pray that we'll have 80 degree weather and all the snow will melt.  So have a good rest of the week--I'm going to try to.

My Journey as a Songwriter

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last night was great. My youth group had a split activity and the senior high was doing fondue. It was pretty fun. We played a few games, like Pit--which was a lot more quite without the senior high--Buzz Word, and Uno. Plus, I got to hold baby Moses. Most of the time, though, we all just talked. And it was pretty fun. We talked about movies, and told jokes...I must say that I am part of probably the most fun youth group. I'm very blessed.

Today I had a great two hours with Morgan. For the most part, we just hung out, and talked, but we did look over some songs of mine, and talked about our senior project--we're doing a joint one and it is seriously cool (I already told you about it). I really love music, you know. I'm so excited about getting together a CD in a few years (or maybe even before!)--I've been writing lyrics like crazy. That is the easiest part of songwriting--for me, at least. I'll be playing reading a book, writing, or watching a movie...really I'll be doing anything...and I'll hear this song in the back of my head. So, I run and grab a pencil, and a piece of paper, and then jot down my words. By the time I'm done writing it down, I've forgotten the music. So, I sit and think over a tune, or run to my keyboard. If I can't come up with anything, then I show it to Morgan. Today, we were working on one of my newest songs, I'll Forget You. I would really like to make a music video out of it, and it will be very sad. It's a slow, sweet, and really heart-rending song. About...look at the title...forgetting. Whether it's your biggest dream, your shining knight, or a loved one that has died, you will probably be able to identify with this song. And that is one of my goals when I write songs; I want people to be able to identify with my songs. I want them to be able to turn on my CD and say, "I completely understand what this song means--it could be my theme song!" I'd like people to know and feel what I write about (Morgan does, too). Hopefully, I'm making progress; some of my earlier songs were, bad. They stunk. Only fit for burning. And yet I can never do that.

So, here I am, climbing The Alpine Path, once again. I finally feel like my journey as a songwriter has begun.

P.S. Morgan is a really great guitarist, and one of these days I'm going to put a video of her on here for you, so you can see all the amazing talent that she has. Then I'm going to get her autograph, because she'll proabably sell a million and a half copies of a CD sold, and be the next great star--she'll live forver in the hall of fame.

Emilemithy's Dictionary

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today, I felt like I found a long-lost friend. That friend would be spring.

As I was walking towards my room to do some reading, I smelled something; something I hadn't smelled in a long time. It was a fresh, natural, green grassy type of smell. I instantly new what I was. I ran over to my mom's window and stuck my head out. I smelled spring. Then, I heard geese. They're not exactly my favorite animal, but the honk-honk was a welcome sound. They were back, and spring was almost here. It's only February, I know, and for all I know, we could have a blizzard in a few days. But right now it's 71 degrees and I am walking around outside in a t-shirt (I forgot to put on my flip-flops). So, I'm pretty happy. It's just like what I wrote in one of my books:

"The summer's there [in this case, spring] were like a delicious drink, that you became thirsty for during winter; one sip, and you wanted more, and more."

Or something like that (I don't have the book right here in front of me). I am just so excited. I felt like running outside and screaming to the world, "It feels like spring!!"
I have been thinking about you, my dear blogger buddies. I've been thinking that maybe I should let you into my mind a little. And that is what made me think of writing this post. If you're confused about the name, I'll explain. I got the nickname "Emilemithy" when I was about nine years-old (don't ask how, it's confusing). Well, it became my favorite nickname and I thought it was the coolest word ever. The next part of the title is Dictionary. If you don't know what I dictionary is, go look it up.

Anyway, I have come up with words (I love to do that) and I thought that it would be nice that you know what I mean when I say something. So here goes:

                               Emilemithy's Dictionary

Awesome (aw-sum): This is the word I use when I think something is so amazing that I can't describe it. If I say that you're awesome, then I pretty much mean that I think so much of you, words can't explain you.

Camera (cam-era): This means, "an awesome little electronic box that freezes moments in history, something that I love, and if you have one, I want to play with it." To say it shortly. The camera is also one of my dear friends.

Dictionary (dick-chon-air-ee): Another of my dear friends. A dictionary is what you use when you don't know how to spell or pronounce something. Or if you don't know what it means.

Emilemithy (emee-lemee-thee): My favorite nickname ever!

Emily (ema-lee): That crazy freshmen who is going to turn 15 in April, can't wait to drive, and likes to write.

Family (fam-ill-lee): The best people on earth that I can't possibly love any more.

Fantascinating (fan-tas-in-ate-ing): I came up with this word. It's a combination of fantastic, and fascinating. When I say this I mean, "This is so interesting and amazing!"

Food (foo-d): Chocolate. Or pickles. Or barbecue sauce.

(Bad) Food (baa-d foo-d): Stuff that is called edible but shouldn't be.

Fun (fuh-n): Most of the things that I enjoy.

Friends (fur-ends): People who I love and enjoy hanging out with.

Love (luv): A feeling that makes you do things that people in their right mind not do. It's a completely self-less feeling; it's what that thing that says, "I don't want to live without that person." It's what makes you give up everything and anything for that person or people.

Music (myou-zik): A noise that sounds wonderful; something that makes life--well, life.

School (sk-ool): Something that must be done; something that isn't exactly fun, but I know is good for me; something that I enjoy every once and a while.

Work (were-k): Something that has to be done, might not be much fun, but will help me in the long

Writer (right-er): Someone who is like me.

That's just the first edition of my dictionary. I'll be adding to it soon. I hope y'all enjoy the weather!

              The girl who is always writing... something.

The Life of a Writer

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do you know that some people think it is extremely easy to write a story? Some people think it's easy to write songs, too. May I just say that those people are extremely wrong? When I started writing, I thought, "Oh come on, how hard can it be?" Very hard. Coming up with ideas, now--that is too easy. I can't help coming up with ideas. But getting them done on paper is another thing. Emily of New Moon puts it perfectly,

"My fingers tingle to grasp a pen--my brain teems with plots. I've a score of fascinating dream characters I want to write about. Oh, if there only were not such a chasm between seeing a thing and getting it down on paper!" -L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs

For instance: Rebel sounded so logical when I decided that I wanted to write it down. Now that I've tried to think deeper about the story, I'm finding out how complicated it all is. I have to ask myself, "Would this really happen? If it did happen, why?" Somethings, I found out are actually believable; other things...only a three year-old would believe. But they wouldn't understand why.

Characters are easy--and yet they're hard, too. Take Riley, for example. At first, he was a happy guy who had a bright disposition and was always smiling. But then I heard him saying, "That's not me. You better change your picture of me, or I'll hate you forever for all the lies you've told." And even though it was hard, I dug a little deeper and met the real Riley--he's the dark type of good-guy who you love despite that fact that sometimes he a know-it-all and he's stubborn. Hey, everyone has faults! Next is Brynn. She's still being figured out. She's so very different from my other characters. She's also somewhat of a dark character--although not as much as Riley. She's willing to fight for what she believes in and (pardon the expression) she ain't lettin' go.

Then comes the climax of my book. I've got it all planned out. And yet I'm kind of scared to get there. I should have said, "I think I've got it somewhat planned out." What if it changes? What if one of my favorite characters dies? I know that I'm the author's my character's story. I can't change it. I have to tell the truth. To help me write the book, I've been trying to listen to songs that kind of go along with the idea of the story. Sadly, there aren't any songs in my library that are about what the world go be in ten or twenty years, and there was a civil war. There just aren't any. I like listening to Oceano on my Josh Groban CD (it's in Italian), but that's really all I've found. So I thought, maybe I could write a song for it; then, if Rebel ever gets made into a movie, I can play my song during the credits (nice dream, but I'm not sure that will happen).

So what am I going to go do right now? I'm going to go work on my song for Rebel! Maybe I'll even work on Rebel, too. But I might be so caught up in the music that I start to right lyrics for another song...oh, the life of a writer is so confusing...But fun.

I'm A Rebel

You know how some things are super crazy? That's kind of what I've been thinking for the last week. I guess it all started on Friday night, when me and my friend Cassandra watched ten kids--the oldest was nine or ten--and the youngest was a four month old baby. I had fun, but I was pretty tired. Next, I realized that in order to do my senior project, I have to start now, because, while it will be really fun--and it will make one of my dreams come true--it will also be difficult. What is it? I plan on finishing all of my songs that I write, and then go to a studio to get them recorded. That means that I havet to start completing my songs now, and get people to sing and play instruments. And that's after I see how many people I need. After that's done, I get to design the CD case (finally, something easy!).

So, I'm busy. That's the whole of it. I'm busy being the most unusal average teen. Who is also a rebel. I was thinking about that today. I'm a rebel. I'm not the type of rebel who stays out all night and drives their car way too fast (I can't drive, anyway). I'm not the type of rebel who hates their parents (my parents are awesome people!). But I'm the type of rebel who is part of the Rebulution (Do Hard Things); I'm the type of rebel who reads her Bible. I won't accept failure ( "Failure is not an option"). I'm just your average teen, who loves to write, daydream, is country girl, a born-again Christian, songwriter, and a musician. On the outside, I seem normal. But if you look closer there is someone who is willing to fight for what they believe in; I'll fight for the ones I love. I'll fight for Jesus, because He gave His life for me. Writing and plotting my story Rebel has made me realize so much. If there was a civil war between the communists and conservatives in this country--I'd be right up there in the front lines fighting. And that would make people consider me a rebel. Think about Star Wars--Luke Skywalker was a rebel. In the Revolutionary War, we (that's us Americans) were considered rebels. So yeah, I guess I'm a rebel, too. And I'm proud of it.

Getting to Know You

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I got this e-mail, and thought that I'd post my answer on here, so you guys can get to know me.


Welcome to the new 2011 edition of getting to
know your family and friends. Here is what you are supposed to do, and try
not to be lame and spoil the fun.  Change all the answers so that they apply
to you. Then send this to a bunch of people you know, INCLUDING the person
who sent it to you.  Some of you may get this several times; that means you
have lots of friends. The easiest way to do it is to hit 'forward' so you
can delete and change the answers. Have fun and be truthful!
1. What color are your socks right now? Gray                               
2. What are you listening to right now?  The little heater beside me
3. What was the last thing you ate?  Chocolate graham crackers and milk (for dessert)
4. Can you drive a stick shift? I don't know
5. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Hmm..Mee-Mee?
6. Do you like the person who sent this to you?  Yes! (It's Aunt Kim)
7. How old are you today? 14 and a half
8. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?  Baseball : )
9. What is your favorite drink?  Man, this is hard. I like coke. Although I like chocolate milk, too. Dr. Pepper is good. So is Pepsi. Can I skip this one?
10. Have you ever dyed your hair? Nope.
11. Favorite food? I'm going to have to skip this one too. It's a tie between chocolate and... a bunch of other stuff.
12. What is the last movie you watched? Hogan's Heroes (which is actually a TV show--but it's awesome just the same)
13. Favorite day of the year?  the first day of summer
14. How do you vent? I write it out--or pound it out on the piano.
15. What was your favorite toy as a child? Samantha, my American girl doll. Next to her was Mandy--my Barney banjo was well loved, too. Along with Scooter Sam.
16. What is your favorite season? Summer!
17. Cherries or Blueberries? Cherries
18. Do you want your friends to e-mail you back? Yes, please.
19. Who is the most likely to respond? Morgan
20. Who is least likely to respond? Aunt Kim, because she's the one who sent it to me.
21. Living situation? Mom, dad, brother, sister...and my piano : )
22. When was the last time you cried? I'm not sure--probably sometime last week (I was writing somethin' sad, I bet)
23 What is on the floor of your closet right now? My sister's stuff
24. Who is the friend you have had the longest friendship that you are sending this to? I've known Morgan practically my whole life.
25. What did you do last night? Ate supper, watched Hogan's Heroes, and wrote (I played the piano, too)
26. What are you most afraid of? Other than writer's block?  Something happening to those I love.
27. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburger? Cheese!! ("It's good on everything" my pappy says)
28. Favorite dog breed? German Shepherd--definitely
29. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
30. How many states have you lived in?   2--the one I'm in right now, and my crazy state of mind.
31. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds (they're a girls best friend)
32. What is your favorite flower? Wild red roses.
33. favorite dessert – Pretty much anything chocolate. Like, chocolate cheescake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing...Yeah, I'll stop there.

A Really Great Guy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm getting used to not using my camera. I haven't got a new one yet, because my dad wants to make sure that it's not the battery that's dead. It's kind of depressing when I see something cool and yell, "I'm gonna get my camera!" only to remember that when I go get it, my camera won't turn on. That's sad.

Tonight, I'm hoping to get some things done for Rebel. I pretty much understand Brynn--she's someone that is very fascinating to me. Riley on the other hand--while he is just as fascinating as Brynn--he is standing in the background, watching everything, with somewhat of a sardonic smile on his face. It's almost like he is high above everyone else--like he's special. I suppose that he is. Riley is a really smart guy, who is pretty much skilled at everything--with a special talent and love for fighting (e.i. soldiering). He has wonderful aim (with a gun), is a great knife thrower, and learned fencing at a young age. He is very strong, and is good at wrestling. Like I said before, he is a really smart kid, who knows about the mistakes of history, and...well, he excels at pretty much every subject.

I suppose I should leave now, because I have to watch a movie for school. See ya!

Taking Things for Granted (That awful phrase)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, the dentist said my teeth are fine and I don't need braces. I cannot describe my relief. But that's enough of that.

A lot of people seem to like the idea of Rebel. So, last night I just thought about the story. I put myself in the main character's shoes. I thought about the climax a lot. How would I feel if I pretty much knew that my two cousins--my only family in the world--and my best friend--and other good friends--were about to die. What would I be thinking, knowing that I would probably never see them again? Whether the climax turns out good or bad, the MC's life will never be the same. I really wanted to get to know Brynn, my main character, so I wrote a character sketch--something that I love to do. So, would you like to meet Brynn? If you do, maybe I'll put her character sketch on here.

Six days from today is Valentines Day. Remember how I said how much I hated that holiday?Well, I don't anymore. I guess all I ever hated was the commercialism. But it is said that we have to have a special day to show people how much we care. I admit, I take my family--and friends--for granted way more than I should. In a few years, my friends will be heading off to college. Some are already in college, or heading there. And my family is growing up (I guess I am, too). My cousins Jackie is married and I don't get to see her as much as I used to (although I do really like Jim and Londan being part of the family--I wouldn't trade them for anything). My cousin/buddy Jacob is going to be in high school next year (aaa!). That's actually really scary. I don't really see my cousin Natalie at all. But I want to make more of an attempt to stay in contact. Cuz I love my cousins, and I know that I have a better relationship with them than most people--I don't want to let anything ruin that. So I'm not going to take them for granted. Maybe I'll even send them an invitaion to my blog.

Angry Characters and Broken Cameras

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm getting a new camera! The reason: my other one is broken. For good. My dad found a huge dent on it--he thinks that someone stepped on it. Which makes me wonder why--and how--I could be so careless. I was really letting it get me down, when suddenly I thought, "Em, it's just a camera." It's true, losing my camera was like losing a very dear friend--and that's because it was a dear friend. Do you follow me? I took my camera everywhere. But I got to thinking: here I am, whining to my family about my camera--even taking out my anger at myself on them--when there are people starving across the world. I suddenly felt ashamed of myself; I felt like a little kid who had thrown themself on the ground, screaming, because they couldn't have a cookie. The Bible says that all of our material possessions will fade away. I can't take my camera with me to Heaven. It's just a camera. True, it takes pictures that will help me remember things for the rest of my life. But that's not important. What is important is that I have a God Who loves me, a family that loves me, and plenty of friends (I know that they love me, too). Yeah, I'm still...disappointed about my camera. But I'm going to get a new one. It's not the end of the world.

Once again, I'd like to ask you--my dear blogger buddies--to tell me your honest opinion about my story idea. To read about it, click here. I've been thinking a lot about the story later, and I'm wondering if that's "the one". Is it the novel I've dreamed of writing all my life (the best seller)? I don't think it will be a best seller. I thought about it when I was making my bed this morning. "Why can't I just forget about what my characters are saying and write my story?" I asked myself. But I saw the angry faces of my characters; dark Brynn, solemn Riley, Vin...a many other characters that I haven't met yet. Then I heard them say, "Because it's our story." So, at night as I stare at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, I think about my characters. Last night, I thought about Riley, one of my MCs (Main Characters). He very complex--I don't quite understand him. He's one of those guys who stands in the background, watching everything; he's kind of quiet, but can get loud when he's with people that he knows real well. At least, I think. He's changed a lot since I first got the idea for the story. He used to be a wild teenager; but I like how he's turned out. I just wonder if I've truly captured him, or if he will say, "Um, that's not me." Who knows?

Well, I have an assignment for school that I must do (that means I need to get off). Also, if you could pray that when I go to the dentist tomorrow, he decides not to give me braces--I'd really appreciate that. Thanks!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

So...the Super Bowl is tonight, and I'm cheering for the Steelers (for Packer fans). I have abandoned the game however, for America's funniest home videos. But all I care about now is the last commercial I just saw--for Pirates the Caribbean! It's coming out on May 19th and I am soooo excited. It's supposed to be about Blackbeard--ooooh.

Cute moment of the day: My baby cousin Londan is so adorable. Well, tonight was Youth Night. Pastor Nathan (my youth pastor) said, "We need to be zealous for God!" And Lady Londan yelled, "Amen!" It's not the first time this amazing 1 and a half year old has done this. Isn't she just awesome?

I'd like to ask y'all something. What do you think about a book that takes place in 10 or 20 years? What if the government had turned Communist and some people rebelled--what if there was a civil war? I asked three of my friends about it, and one thought it sounded, "cool". Another didn't answer. The other one said, "oh, it sounds awesome! I always like stuff that could happen in the future." I'd like some more input though. So I'd like to ask you. The story would go something like this:

Brynn Mason's parents were killed when she was a baby, and would have been killed herself if it hadn't been for her cousin Vince (he was modeled after one of my best friends, and my cousin, David). Brynn's father was the leader of a rebel movement against the now Communist government (that was who killed him). So, Brynn and Vince's cousin Erik takes charge of the Rebels.

Fast forward fourteen years later. Brynn has been raised by her mother's best friend, Mrs. Kale, but has been trained in fighting by her cousins Erik and Vince, along with her best friend, Riley Kale. Brynn would love be to out with the rest of the soldiers, but the women aren't allowed to fight. So, she's a fourteen year-old girl who is better with a gun than most of the men, but not allowed to use her skills.Years pass, and her longing to do something for the Rebel Cause only grows stronger.

Years go by, and the Rebel's are losing men fast--the youngest of the soldiers being fourteen year-old boys. Then, the inevitable moment comes--the government has found the Rebel base, and plans on attacking it. The Rebel's know that they might have a chance at victory, if they can attack the government army first. Brynn volounteers to be a spy, and Erik lets her. Then...

I can't tell you any more. I'm hoping I didn't tell you too much (actually, I don't think I did). What did you think? Is it too far fetched? Please tell me what you think (not what I'd like to hear). I'd really like to know. So please comment and tell me. I'm counting on you.

                   Stay tuned for the lyrics of my song Ghosts of the Past. And possibly the music.

Still Waiting

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well, as soon as I finished school today, I went downstairs and worked on my song. It might not be much, but I'm happy with how it's turning out. It's kind of like a theme song to one of my books. And that's kind of cool if you think about it. Once I get it finished I'd like to make a music video of it. It shouldn't be that hard, because I took a bunch of experiences from when I was younger and put it to music (Morgan is working on the guitar part for me).

Even though I don't like cold weather, I can put up with it when the world is beautiful. And this morning, I was sitting at my window, with the sun as bright as could be, and the sky was a deep blue. It was breathtaking. So...yeah, I'm tired of winter. But I do like seeing ice-covered trees.

Have you ever wanted something really bad, but you felt like you would never be able to have it? Maybe it was a dream, maybe it was a car. But you didn't think like you would ever be able to get your hands on it. That's how I sometimes feel about writing. And I'll tell you something: I find it hard to finish books. I've been writing stories for a while--and I've only finished two stories (they were short stories). I thought that maybe I wasn't a real writer. But I was reading a book for teens who like to write and the author said that a lot of teens start books, and get bored with them. She said that when that happens you could lay off the writing for a while. There are two books right now that have been floating around in my mind. They are both haunting me. One of them is the My Meadows series. The other is a story that has been on my mind for nearly two weeks--but that first was a little shaking and it had a crash land (I stopped writing). But maybe I'll work on it tonight. Maybe I'll get to now my characters better. It's an action-packed adventure--and I love adventure. There's also a character in it that is based on one of my best friends. The story seems exciting--in my mind, at least..

Well, it's time for supper, and I want to eat all my veggies, because I made brownies for desert. I guess I'll leave you now. I'll try and post on Saturday so I can tell you all about the Nerf activity my youth group is having tomorrow night. It should be really fun. So goodnight, blogger buds!

A snapshot I took during the power failure.

The New Songwriter in Town

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The power was out for a few hours today. It made me realize how much I love electricity. Seriously. It's amazing. I mean, having the house lit by candles was pretty (and it smelled good, too), but there wasn't much light. It made it more easy to romanticize, though.

I had a great day with my friends. We went sledding in the morning, and then took a break for lunch. Then one of my bestest friends, Morgan, came over and I showed her one of my new songs, Ghosts of the Past (I'll try and put it on here for you). I really like writing songs. Next to writing books, songwriting/playing the piano is my favorite hobby. So, I'm going to spend the next few days pluggin' away at my song. I've pretty much got the piano part, but I've still got to figure out the violin part (my friend Sarah said that maybe she'll play it for me). So, I've got the song planned out--almost.

I suppose I should give my computer up to my dad, and get ready for bed. So I'll leave you with this statement: the groundhog did not see his shadow today. Now I won't have to shoot him. Thanks, y'all!