The Right One

7:03 PM

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind..."

                 --William Shakespeare.

The wind isn't blowing right now, but it sure is cold. It was ten below this morning. Brrr...books

And so starts another week of indecision. I hate that feeling. Am I the only one? I just wish I knew which story idea of mine to follow through. You see, I want to start getting serious on a novel. One that I spend all my time on. One that I can send out to publishers. I have a ton of story ideas, but which one? Or maybe, I should wait for a better idea to come. Maybe I should drop all my other ideas and start a brand new story. I wish that someone could help me decide, but I know that this is something that only I can decide. It's all me now. No one else can tell me which book to follow. I have to choose. There are so many stories that I've started, and I want to finish them. But somehow, I can't. This is when I get my three o' clock in the morning feeling. I suddenly start to feel that maybe, I'm not a writer. Maybe...I never will be. But deep inside, I hear this voice saying, "Wait for the right story." I've just got to wait for the right one, I guess. Sadly, I'm kind of impatient. I want to work on a story so bad. Why can't I find the right one? I suppose that I should just keep plugging away at the stories that I already have in the back of my mind. Who knows? I may find out that one of them is the long awaited for story that I've dreamed of, ever since I started writing. I'd like it to be an adventure. Cuz, I like adventure. In fact--I have an idea right now. Although I don't think it will amount to much. But...I think of said that before. Anyway, it might just be a river that will branch off into another direction. And that branch might lead into a lake--where I'll find my novel.

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  1. Emily, have you tried writing any short stories? It might be a good idea to do some short works and try to get them published even now. There are lots of publications out there that want stories from Christian teens. I can help you send them out if you get something you think you'd like to try to get published. Once you get some publications under your belt, it is even easier to get a novel published.

  2. Yeah, I tried writing short stories. But all of my story ideas are too long. Waaaayy too long.


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