"My Meadows"

4:38 PM

Wow! There is a little snow outside. I can't believe it. Meadows looked beautiful, covered in snow, but I'm ready for summer (although it would be really nice to go sledding in the woods at least once). Anyway, 2011 is going really good so far. I've been looking to the future. I've decided that at Talents for Christ this year, I'm only going to do extemporaneous writing. And I don't think that I'm going to go watch any of my friends perform; I almost ran out of time last year. If I change my mind and want to do something else, it might be singing in a girls trio. And this year, I'd like to try photography, because I love it. Last year, I didn't think that any of my pictures were good enough. So, I'm starting to think of ideas for pictures right now. But winning isn't everything; in fact, it's nothing, if you think about it. Really, I go because I enjoy getting to be with my friends, and--while I do get nervous--I also enjoy the craziness of the competition day. Deep down, I love  like getting nervous. I love to perform (although I probably won't do it this year). And I like being at the hotel with the girls and talking about clothes. Hehe.

Well, I think that you should all know something. I've changed my focus from my mystery, to a different book. Don't get me wrong--I still want to finish my mystery, but there is another story of my mind that I think I can do a better job writing. It's current name is My Meadows. No, it's not a biography of me. But it's about things that have happened to me; it's about Meadows; and it's about the lives that have touched me in so many ways. If this book ever gets published, it will be my way of telling everyone, "I love you. And thanks for everything you've done."

 Like I said, My Meadows is based on things that have happened to me--but I've romanticized quite a bit. This is fiction, though based on a true story--that's all there is to it. Don't be surprised if you're reading and you recognize someone; most of the characters are based on someone I know--or two people I know, built into one. For instance, my dear friend, Sarah, has to be in the book; so does my other awesome friend, Morgan. So, they are. I just changed there names. And the circumstances. For instance, I meet Sarah when I'm ten (I met her when I was eight or nine), because she moves in next door (it was because I started going to her church). We become instant friends (it took a while). And my name isn't Emily; it's Isabella. So, yeah, things are topsy turvy. But I'm happy with how it's turning out. I'll give you some examples sometime. Right now, I gotta go order a pizza!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of My Meadowbrook. Writers always tell aspiring writers to "write what you know." I guarantee that it will be interesting.


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