Meadows Lake

11:21 AM

First of all, I'm feeling better. Now, on to what I was going to say.

On Saturday, my cousin Jacob came over. After lunch, we went on a bike ride, and then decided to take a walk back in the woods. So, we walked in the cornfield and looked for an old truck that Mark, some friends and I had found a year or two ago. Long story short, we didn't go back to the truck, we just decided to go back to "The Campsite".

 Now, the campsite is where we used to hang out when we were younger. There are so many memories locked up there. So it's like a ghost town to me. It's back in the woods, and it has a wonderful view of the sinks. Later, we went back there with Dylann, and took a walk down the old road and looked at the sinks. Most of you probably don't know what the sinks are. The sinks are a mystery to us kids. It's like a lake, back in the woods. We'll walk back to the woods, and the sinks will be full. We'll go back there a day later, and the water is gone.

 That is the mystery. So, full of curiosity, Mark, Dylann, Annie, Jacob, and I walked on the old road and looked at the sinks, going farther back into the woods than we ever had before. We. Were. Amazed. The sinks were covered in ice, and it is so deep. It's so hard to explain. But we are so proud of the sinks now. We're all trying to think of a name. I suggested "Dream Lake" (isn't that just like me?). The technical name, of course, is Meadows Lake. And it's beautiful. Our woods are beautiful. I wish you could all see it. I guess I'll just have to take a lot of pictures and upload them for you.

Well, I've got to go. Goodbye!

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  1. Okay - all these years and I have never been to the sinks. I'm going this spring!


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