Being a Rebel

Monday, January 31, 2011

When you here the word rebel, what comes to mind? Maybe it's a teenager who is covered in tattoos, with blue hair (and yellow highlights). Maybe it's an army of gray in 1863. I don't know what your definition is. Maybe you believe that there are different kind of rebels; that's what I think .

I divide rebels into two groups: Good rebels, and Bad rebels. Simple enough, right? What makes them different? What do the good rebels do that make them good? Well, good rebels rebel against things like a corrupt government, or lies. Bad rebels rebel against things that are pure, and true. So it can be good to be a rebel.

You could say that Christians are good rebels, because we rebel against the world. To put it simply, I'll quote Do Hard Things-- "...teens [rebelling] against the low expectations of the world." That is an example of what I'm talking about.

Why am I talking about rebels? To straighten out my thoughts--I guess. See, there's this story in the back of my mind and the plot involves revolves around rebels. So I'm trying to learn a little about rebels. And I have. So thanks for putting up with me. What you do think about rebels? Do you think that my "Good rebel, Bad rebel" theory is bad? Let me know your thoughts.

The Right One?....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today is a cold day. One of those days that you sit around and dream of summer. But summer won't be around for a long time. And that makes me sad. I like warm days, days of running through soft grass barefoot. And I can't do that right now.  But enough of that.

I think that I might have found the right story. I'm not sure though, so I'm thinking out the plot. It's fiction--just plain fiction. It's a story of what could happen in ten or twenty years. And, of course, it's an adventure. Right now, I'm thinking of calling it Rebel. But it might have another name in a week or two. It's about a band of "rebels"--and there are four important characters in it.

I've got to get off now. My little sis want's on. It seems like I always have to finish a post because of someone wanting on. I think I'm going to ask for a netbook for my birthday....Hehe. Have a good day, blogger buddies!

Who Am I?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm that girl you might see taking a picture of everything in sight. I'm the girl with the ink stains on her hands. What's all this about? I thought that I'd tell you a little about myself, so you can know me better.. So, here goes.

 I'm the oldest of three children, the fifth of eight grandchildren (on my dad's side) and the oldest of three grandchildren (on my mom's side). Being the oldest is confusing--sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I'll get back to you on that one.

I'm a country girl and proud of it! When I go to a city, I think it's cool, but after a while, I get homesick for the country. You can breath there, there are beautiful views, people are friendly and there is plenty of land to explore. I'm still finding new places in the woods behind my house! My favorite outfit is a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (although I like to wear summer dresses). And yes, I pronounce wash warsh, and for fur--sometimes.

You could probably say that I'm kind of old fashioned. I like quite a bit of old things. For example, I like old books: The Emily Novels, and the Betsy-Tacy Novels. I also like old movies and TV shows: Robin Hood, Dodge City (both with Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland), and Hogan's Heroes! By the way, I totally recommend everything listed here--and if you want a clean TV show to watch, get Hogan's Heroes--my whole family loves it.

I'm a born-again Christian, and proud of it. I serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and I love Him with all my heart! My purpose on this earth is to glorify God, and I want to use my talents to serve Him. Which leads us to the next thing about me.

I'm a writer. I realized that I loved to write when I was about ten years old, although I don't know why it took my that long to see it--I had been writing since forever! I wrote my first story when I was about five years old, and I wrote a few plays from the ages of nine to ten. Now, I've got notebooks jammed into bookshelves, and loose pieces of paper scattered all over my room. One sight that never ceases to thrill me is a blank paper--it makes my fingers long for a pen, so I can start writing.

Reading is one of my biggest pastimes, next to writing. An author that I really like right now is Rosemary Sutcliffe--my last post was singing praises of her book, The Shield Ring (I still have to write a review for it). I think one of the reasons I like reading about Norsemen, Celts, and Saxons, is because I am one. Or rather, I have those groups of people in my blood (but that's another story). Not only do I read books, but I read poetry. What poetry? Shakespeare's Sonnets. Most people recoil in horror when you say the name Shakespeare. Some of my friends ask me, "Emily, how can you like Shakespeare?" Others say, "Oh yeah! Shakespeare is awesome!" I don't mind whether or not you like Shakespeare--I'll start to read some of his sonnets and think, "Okay, I didn't get that." Sometimes, it's hard to me to chew. But what can I say? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Music is a huge part of my life. When I remember as far back as I can, I remember music. My mom was always playing the piano, and my dad was always playing the radio, or Cd's. When I was a baby--one year old--my favorite piece of music was Handel's Young Messiah. I kid you not. My parents have videos of me dancing as a baby to it. Whenever it played, I danced. I won't say anymore. Now, I love music even more than before. I love to play the piano when I'm bored or stressed out, or just in a meditative mood, and singing is something that I do all the time. And I like to compose, too (not big pieces, just songs).

Some other random thought's about me: some people say I'm short, some people say I'm not. Some people say I'm crazy, other people say I just have a big imagination. I like to take pictures of anything and everything in sight, I love acting, I like to cook (and *test* it, of course), and daydream. I'm homeschooled, I have an awesome family (words can't describe them) and friends that love me, and I love back (so much it hurts).

Yep, I'm the almost fifteen year-old girl who has her nose in a book, sits at her window, runs into walls (not as much as I used to) and trips (yeah...I still do that like I used to), and sometimes even falls off her chair, the couch, and the bed in heart to heart talks with her best friend. But that's me, and I can't change. Hopefully, you know me even better now--and if there's anything else you'd like to know, just comment, and I'll write another post. Thanks for bearin' with me!

          The slightly crazy writer-girl with a pen behind her ear, and ink on her fingers.

I Won't Let Go

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I read a really good book the other day. I had to read it for school, but I don't mind--it was a great book! It was called The Shield Ring, and it's by Rosemary Sutcliffe. She wrote a lot of books about early England. Seriously, it was very good. There was a lot about friendship in it, although the friendship between the two main characters wasn't the plot. Well, the other day, as I was finishing the book, I heard a song by Rascal Flatts, called I Won't Let Go. And I thought, "Whoa. This song could be a theme song for the book, in a way." It's a really beautiful song. I love the chorus.

                                        I will stand by you,
                                        I will help you through,
                                       When you've done all you can do, 
                                       And you can't cope. 
                                       I will dry your eyes,
                                       I will fight your fight, 
                                       I will hold you tight,  
                                      And I won't let go.

It was funny, that I heard that song as I was finishing the book. I recommend the book. It's about how the Norsemen are fighting off the Normans, who are trying to invade their (the Norsemen's) part of England. I was surprised at how extremely good it was. I finished it really quick--I just couldn't put it down. I spent all of Sunday reading it (from after lunch till about 7:00). I think that it should be made into a movie--I would be the first person to buy it. I'd like to act in it, too...But that's another story.

Well, I'll leave you now, with I Won't Let Go playing in the back of my mind (I think my dad wants on the computer). But before I go, I want to recommend The Shield Ring. And I want to remind all my friends and family reading this, that I won't let go. I'll do everything the chorus says. Cuz I love you guys.

P.S. Maybe I'll write about the book later. It's awesome!

The Right One

Monday, January 24, 2011

"Blow, blow, thou winter wind..."

                 --William Shakespeare.

The wind isn't blowing right now, but it sure is cold. It was ten below this morning. Brrr...books

And so starts another week of indecision. I hate that feeling. Am I the only one? I just wish I knew which story idea of mine to follow through. You see, I want to start getting serious on a novel. One that I spend all my time on. One that I can send out to publishers. I have a ton of story ideas, but which one? Or maybe, I should wait for a better idea to come. Maybe I should drop all my other ideas and start a brand new story. I wish that someone could help me decide, but I know that this is something that only I can decide. It's all me now. No one else can tell me which book to follow. I have to choose. There are so many stories that I've started, and I want to finish them. But somehow, I can't. This is when I get my three o' clock in the morning feeling. I suddenly start to feel that maybe, I'm not a writer. Maybe...I never will be. But deep inside, I hear this voice saying, "Wait for the right story." I've just got to wait for the right one, I guess. Sadly, I'm kind of impatient. I want to work on a story so bad. Why can't I find the right one? I suppose that I should just keep plugging away at the stories that I already have in the back of my mind. Who knows? I may find out that one of them is the long awaited for story that I've dreamed of, ever since I started writing. I'd like it to be an adventure. Cuz, I like adventure. In fact--I have an idea right now. Although I don't think it will amount to much. But...I think of said that before. Anyway, it might just be a river that will branch off into another direction. And that branch might lead into a lake--where I'll find my novel.

Why Him?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last night, I learned something. I must admit, the news flash was so obvious and inevitable that I wondered why I hadn't realized it before. But, ashamed or not, I was excited. It happened while I was in bed, thinking of the plot for my Civil War book, Rebel Yell. I was trying to figure out one of the characters. One of my characters in particular was...well, I really misunderstood him. But, last night, he unfolded in front of my very eyes. I was happy, because my character had changed from a bitter, uncaring young man, to someone who had found out that they were wrong, and needed to change. Well, he did change, and I was so happy that I felt like yelling. But then I found out something else about my character. The day after he changed, he was found dead. I was suddenly looking at a body on the ground. I was very upset. But I know that that's how it has to be. I will miss my character--especially since he is so nice, now that he has changed; he has to be killed, though. It's the only way I can tell the story; because that's how it happened. But on to happier things.

For Christmas, I got a gift card. And I spent my gift card on a CD. What  CD? I got Closer. And it's a Josh Groban CD. He has an amazing voice. Seriously. If you have never heard Josh Groban sing, you need to. He sings a lot of Italian songs, too, and you can really hear his voice. I've never met anyone who doesn't like Josh Groban.

One of my favorite songs is Oceano. It's an Italian one, and it really pretty.


My Confession is pretty good too.

And When You Say You Love Me...That's so sweet.

But You Raise Me Up is my top favorite. It's just an awesome song.

So, yeah. I'd say that buying this CD was definitely worth everything.

I recomend this CD. Josh Groban has a really great voice. Really. If you don't believe me, just listen to him. I have two of his songs on my blog music player. He's awesome.

Well, it's supper time, and I must be off. After supper, I think I'm going to work on my character. The death that I'm picturing is really moving. I even wrote it out, to see what it would look like. If I can write the book like I'd like to, then I think people might shed a few tears. Because the new character (I can't tell you his name, it would really give the story away) is so lovable. If the "old" guy had died, I would be minorly moved, because of the his family. But now...I was almost in tears as I was writing out my ideas. I could actually see him, lying on the ground. And I heard him talking, taking back all of the bitter words and action he had ever said, the day before he was killed. I wish he could live--the new improved guy would be so wonderful to have in the story. But he must die. There's no stopping it. So here's goodbye to you, Mr. Soldier (there, you know he's a soldier). It was fun writing about you. I'm glad you were able to change. Now, goodbye to you, blogger buddies. I've gotta eat!

"Elsie, I've realized that I was wrong. I've got to get out. I'm not killing another person."
"You've changed, [the character]. I'm very proud of you. I've never been this proud of anybody."
"There's more to fighting than just loyalty....I reckon I've grown up some, Elsie. I'm not bitter anymore. For once I peace."

--from Rebel Yell


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I decided to come up with one word for 2011. I searched for words, looked through books...nothing. But then, I looked through my synonym finder. And found the word purpose. Suddenly, I knew my word for 2011. I picked purpose because, I have a purpose. And it's to glorify my Father in Heaven. Not Emily Paige. I have a purpose here--and I need to remember that.

Yesterday was great. All the school kids got off because the roads were bad. So, I went outside with my neighbors. First, we went sledding. But...we got tired out pretty soon (there's a really big hill were we sled). We ended up having a snowball fight. That got kind of rough, though. So I taught everyone how to play spoke tag. And that was pretty fun. Everyone took their coat's off, we were getting so hot. After that, everyone dispersed. I went inside for lunch, and made cookies. But, my brother had Dylann over and they made a dent in the once big pile of cookies--I guess that's what happen when you have a tween brother, with tween friends. Life is fun, though.

I suppose I better get off. My brother wants on. But I want to write down some things about 2011 first. Here they are:

One word: Purpose
Motto: Do Hard Things
Theme Verse: Romans 8:28-- And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Theme Song: It Is Well With My Soul
Goal: Go get halfway through writing a book.

I'm feelin' pretty good about 2011. It's shaping out to be a good year.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well, I have survived the broom hockey on ice. I'm a litle sore, and  I have a bruise on my knee--but really, it was fun. And so was spoke tag.

Well, there's not much to say, except that I think I'm going to keep plugging away at My Meadows. I definitely would like to write the second book. But the first one...I'm not that sure. I just know that the second book would make more sense if I wrote the first book. I have an idea for a WWII book, though. Ach Liebe! Being a writer is so confusing!

Well, I must be off. My brother is standing next to me, waiting for me to get off. And, he's giving me dirty looks. Bye!

The Importance of Friends

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Sunday school, we're learning about friends. How to be a good friend, how to choose friends...stuff like that. And as I sat in Sunday school, next to my friends, I thought, I'm really blessed. I've got friends who will pray for me if I ask them to. I've got friends who love me. And I've got friends that I can talk to when I'm going through a hard time. Seriously, I've got the best friends that anyone could ask for. I know that lots of people say that, but with me, it's the truth. My friends are really lovable people. And they're just awesome. When I walk in to Youth Group, I've got people to sit next to. I've got someone to talk to. And I wonder... Am I as good a friend as my friends are? I want to be to my friends, what they are to me. Does that make sense? I love all of my friends dearly, and would give almost anything to them in a heartbeat. Do they know that? I want them to know that if there's anything they need, or if they're in trouble, to let me know; I'll do whatever I can to help them. 'Cuz I really love my friends, and they are so important to me. And I bet, as we learn about friendships on Sunday mornings, that I'll realize the importance of my friends even more. So, here's to all my great, awesome, amazing friends. You guys are the best.

Just Hangin' On

Monday, January 10, 2011

What to do, what to do...there are so many choices, and I don't know which one to choose. Sometimes, I just feel like screaming. I guess I just need to sit down and think.

Remember me? I'm the girl who was a little confused about writing. Well, I still am. I'm not sure whether or not I should write My Meadows. Part of me says, No one is going to be interested in My Meadows. Even when you come up with a  better name, it's going to be no good. But there's something in me that wants me to write it. Should I work on My Meadows, or move on to something else? Could I get some input? Please?

I am so tired. I might get off and write. Or think. Maybe sleep. Haha. So I'll say goodbye. I might not be on here again, though. Why? Because on Friday, our youth group is playing broom hockey. See, the answer was simple : ) Yeah, I'll probably be walking around on crutches. But you'll help me get up and down stairs, right? See y'all later!

Which One to Choose...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last night, I spent some time getting to know one of my characters, Kate. I thought up a letter to Kate in my mind, and then I made up a letter that Kate sent back to me. And I got to straighten out my character, which helped me straighten out a storyline. But that's not what this post is about.

This post is about My Meadows. It's not the action-thriller-mystery-novel. In a month or so, I might find out that there's no point in writing My Meadows, because no one wants to read it--that it's not interesting. Or maybe just the sequel is interesting. But I'm going to work on it, even if I'm not sure how it will turn out, because no matter what, it will help my writing.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out names for my characters. I already have names for everybody, but somehow, the names don't seem to fit the characters. I want a name that fits their personality, a name that makes them real. I'm not sure if I have that now.

I'm not sure which story of mine to pursue (yes, I'm changing the subject, slightly). Should I work on my mystery (you read the character sketches)? My Meadows? What about the civil war story of mine (which has a new name, Rebel Yell). I don't know which one to do. Plus, I have countless other stories like I could work on. Like the one about the Titanic, or my book about Pearl Harbor. There are just too many choices. But I think that I need to focus on My Meadows.

Well, I must be going. I hope you all have a great weekend!

"My Meadows"

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow! There is a little snow outside. I can't believe it. Meadows looked beautiful, covered in snow, but I'm ready for summer (although it would be really nice to go sledding in the woods at least once). Anyway, 2011 is going really good so far. I've been looking to the future. I've decided that at Talents for Christ this year, I'm only going to do extemporaneous writing. And I don't think that I'm going to go watch any of my friends perform; I almost ran out of time last year. If I change my mind and want to do something else, it might be singing in a girls trio. And this year, I'd like to try photography, because I love it. Last year, I didn't think that any of my pictures were good enough. So, I'm starting to think of ideas for pictures right now. But winning isn't everything; in fact, it's nothing, if you think about it. Really, I go because I enjoy getting to be with my friends, and--while I do get nervous--I also enjoy the craziness of the competition day. Deep down, I love  like getting nervous. I love to perform (although I probably won't do it this year). And I like being at the hotel with the girls and talking about clothes. Hehe.

Well, I think that you should all know something. I've changed my focus from my mystery, to a different book. Don't get me wrong--I still want to finish my mystery, but there is another story of my mind that I think I can do a better job writing. It's current name is My Meadows. No, it's not a biography of me. But it's about things that have happened to me; it's about Meadows; and it's about the lives that have touched me in so many ways. If this book ever gets published, it will be my way of telling everyone, "I love you. And thanks for everything you've done."

 Like I said, My Meadows is based on things that have happened to me--but I've romanticized quite a bit. This is fiction, though based on a true story--that's all there is to it. Don't be surprised if you're reading and you recognize someone; most of the characters are based on someone I know--or two people I know, built into one. For instance, my dear friend, Sarah, has to be in the book; so does my other awesome friend, Morgan. So, they are. I just changed there names. And the circumstances. For instance, I meet Sarah when I'm ten (I met her when I was eight or nine), because she moves in next door (it was because I started going to her church). We become instant friends (it took a while). And my name isn't Emily; it's Isabella. So, yeah, things are topsy turvy. But I'm happy with how it's turning out. I'll give you some examples sometime. Right now, I gotta go order a pizza!

Meadows Lake

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First of all, I'm feeling better. Now, on to what I was going to say.

On Saturday, my cousin Jacob came over. After lunch, we went on a bike ride, and then decided to take a walk back in the woods. So, we walked in the cornfield and looked for an old truck that Mark, some friends and I had found a year or two ago. Long story short, we didn't go back to the truck, we just decided to go back to "The Campsite".

 Now, the campsite is where we used to hang out when we were younger. There are so many memories locked up there. So it's like a ghost town to me. It's back in the woods, and it has a wonderful view of the sinks. Later, we went back there with Dylann, and took a walk down the old road and looked at the sinks. Most of you probably don't know what the sinks are. The sinks are a mystery to us kids. It's like a lake, back in the woods. We'll walk back to the woods, and the sinks will be full. We'll go back there a day later, and the water is gone.

 That is the mystery. So, full of curiosity, Mark, Dylann, Annie, Jacob, and I walked on the old road and looked at the sinks, going farther back into the woods than we ever had before. We. Were. Amazed. The sinks were covered in ice, and it is so deep. It's so hard to explain. But we are so proud of the sinks now. We're all trying to think of a name. I suggested "Dream Lake" (isn't that just like me?). The technical name, of course, is Meadows Lake. And it's beautiful. Our woods are beautiful. I wish you could all see it. I guess I'll just have to take a lot of pictures and upload them for you.

Well, I've got to go. Goodbye!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Well, 2011 is here. For the first time in years, I was happy to welcome 2011. I didn't have such a hard time saying goodbye to 2010. Maybe that's "a good omen"--if you believe in that kind of stuff. Personally, I'm not superstitious. How has the New Year been so far? Not that great--"so far". I'm all stuffed up. Yep, I'm sick. Whoopee. My mom made pancakes for breakfast. I was excited--'cuz there was nothing else to do. But I couldn't taste them. Or the syrup. To say the least, I was disappointed. But I got my taste back at lunch. Right now, though, I only have an appetite for the food that I always have an appetite for: Subway subs (I put on a whole commercial when I want to go there for lunch).

On New Years Eve, I wrote my resolutions. They were pretty long. But then, there are a lot of things I want to do. One of my resolutions was to write more. I really do need to get serious about my writing. You know, work on it more. I shouldn't slack off; I'll never get anywhere that way. So this year, I'm going to write, write, write!

For Christmas, I got the book Do Hard Things. It. Is. Amazing. The book talks about how our culture has very low expectations for teens. And teens are meeting those low expectations. You know, there was a time when you were either an adult or a child. One part of the book says that teens are people who want the freedom of adults, but not the responsibility that comes with it. I know it's true, because I've felt that way before, too. I want freedom (like, driving),  but I don't want to have to pay for insurance or gas. But now I know that there are consequences for things that we do (even driving). Then the book goes on to say that the teens years are the launching pad for life. Yes, it's fun to have parties when we're teens. But will we spend all our time partying in "the real world" (you know, that place where our parents live?). Not if we're going to be responsible, mature adults. Now, I'm not preaching against parties--not at all! I love parties, and I always will! I'll probably go to parties when I'm an adult. But they won't be our whole life then--and they shouldn't be now.
I have to go now. I hope to see you all soon (after I get better--I don't want to give you anything). Bye!

P.S. We've been watching Hogan's Heroes (thank's Mee-Mee, for getting it for us!) and we love it! Also, I highly recomend that all teens (even adults) read Do Hard Things. Now I'm going. Really. Seriously. Bye!