So This is Christmas (#1 in the 25 Blessings of Christmas)

4:15 PM

It's Christmas time! Finally! I went Christmas caroling with my youth group on Friday and it was fun. Although, thanks to the freezing cold, I am lost my voice. But I'm getting it back. A random thought: I like warm, southern climates. I think that we should move to Hawaii.

As far as the search for that song of mine goes, I still haven't found it. That really stinks. I have no idea where it could be. I wish I could find it. Prayers are appreciated. On a more happier note, I'm editing my plot for The Full Measure of Devotion a little (remember, that's the book about the Civil War?). Some of the things in the plot are just not very realistic. And I want my book to be believable. Besides, my changes will better the story; I don't want people to read the first page and then slam the book down with a thud, and walk away, thinking, "Boy, did I waste my money on that!" The thought of that gives me goosebumps. It's something that I don't want to happen. 

Anyway, this story may also get a new title: Rebel Yell. This book was a play that I wrote in the hopes of having it performed (I'm an actress, too, remember? I love drama. Maybe a little too much. Can I get any amens?) The play seemed so good at first, lost its charm. All the color and brilliant magic faded out of it, leaving me feel unsatisfied. I thought about rewriting the play (for the second time), but writing in play format is kind of difficult. So, I decided to turn my play into a novel. After I read over the first few pages, I wasn't too happy. I started again, but that didn't seem to capture my idea either. I think I found what I was looking for, though. I found it yesterday when I was sitting at my window. I think this next draft of my book will be a lot better. I'll probably think it's horrible in a few days, but now it seems good.

I know you're probably tired of reading this post book, but I just had an idea. Every week (or more, if I get a chance) I'm going to post about something that I love about Christmas. I want to try to come up with 25 things. Then I'll call my series of posts "The 25 Blessing of Christmas". Here's the one for today.

Probably my most favorite thing about Christmas is being with my family. I love being with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and...cousins! To read more about my awesome cousins, click here. Being with my family is awesome. We have so much fun, no matter what we're doing. Without cousins, who would I goof off with?

Who would play sports that I love but stink at with me?

How could we have family pictures?

And who would take pictures of me when I was eating, and told them not to?
 Plus, if it wouldn't have been for my cousins, I probably would never have gone on a roller coaster--never would I have found out that I love roller coasters--and it's all because my cousins dragged me on.

Yep, I love Christmas because I get to be around my family for a day. And it's awesome. I'm so glad the God blessed me with a family that I love and that loves me back. So what do you love about Christmas?

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  1. I love being with family too!! And we do have a wonderful family.

    So.... I was wondering if that picture of us playing volleyball was before of after you served the ball into my head :)

  2. So the 25 blessings of Christmas is a great idea! I cant wait to read all of them! And love the same thing about Christmas! I love our family! No one could ask for a better one! :-)

  3. Jackie: I think it was before. Yeah, I'm sorry about that :)

    David: Yep our family is definitely cool. And we sure do know how to cook! Haha


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