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4:43 PM

 Here are some more blessings for y'all!

Number 12: Games. I'm not sure about your families, but at Christmas, my family plays games. And I love doing that. Whether it's Twister (hahaha--that's all I'll say) or Dutch Blitz (a family favorite), we love to play games. And I'm glad we do. Sure, we yell at each other in jest, but we have fun.

# 13: Movies. Movies like It's a Wonderful Life, that remind you of things that are truly important in life. I just love the character George Bailey. He's so sacrificing.

# Vierzehn (14): Little Kids are great to be around at Christmas time. It's so funny to see their eyes light up, and hear them get all excited. I was helping in children's church on Sunday, and the one little kid was telling us all about how he got his dad a camera for Christmas. So funny and cute.

Number 15: Gifts. Getting presents is nice. When we give presents, we're reminded of how God gave us His only Son. And that's the reason we have Christmas.

Number 16: Mystery. You guys probably all now that I love mystery. I like suspense. So Christmas time is a great time for me. I mean, come on, it's so fun stare at the presents under the tree, and almost die of curiosity. Mystery is awesome.

So, on Saturday, I went to the movies to see The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. It was really good. Seriously, I think that it could be considered the best out of the three Narnia movies. Prince Caspian (or King Caspian, in this one) was awesome (as always), and I liked Edmund better in this movie than in the other two. Lucy became even sweeter, and Peter and Susan played small parts. I can't decide which movie I like more, though. It might be Prince Caspian. Why? Well, that one has Peter in it, and Peter is my favorite character.

I can't believe that Christmas is only four days away. I'm not ready for it--but yet I am, in a way. Oh, I just wish this year would slow down. There's not enough time in a year. But enough of that. Today I was reading a little bit of Emily's Quest, one of the Emily Novels that I love so much. In it, Emily was saying that sometimes she felt like the only thing she could do was scream. I feel like that quite a bit. Reading those Emily novels are like reading a biography of myself in some ways. I can see so many similarities between her and me. I mean, so many that it's uncanny. But today, the screaming part really stuck out to me. Sometimes I just need to go outside and scream as loud as I can, as long as I can. Aaaaa! That helped a little. But I know that I can't scream, no matter how much I want to. I guess that I should just be happy. Yes, the years are flying by, but I know that next year will bring lots of great memories.

Sorry for the book. But, hey, I'm a writer, what can I say? Hehe. Thanks for reading this just the same. Merry Christmas Y'all! P.S. Next time I'll post the lyrics to a Christmas song that I really like.

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  1. Hey my young writer, I love you muchly!!!! You are an inspiration and joy to me. Keep up the good work!


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