It's Christmas Eve Eve!

1:59 PM

Blessing # 20:  Computers. Computers are a big part of Christmas at my house. That's how we get all our presents; that's how I write on my blog. I'm really thankful that we have our laptop. Cuz quite frankly, I really dislike going out into the craziness of the busy, crowded mall. Really dislike it.

Blessing # 21: Snow! Now, summer is my favorite season. I've said before that I would be fine if we moved to Hawaii (really, it's just an exaggeration. I wouldn't move from Meadows). But I love to have snow at Christmas time. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" is like my theme song at Christmas time. After New Years Eve, though, I'm ready for summer. Haha.

#22: Cars. I bet you're all laughing. Yes, it is true that I love cars. And it's also true that I can't wait to drive (it runs in the family). I'm laughing inside. Cars, a blessing? Well, yes they are (although some parents think that cars are a curse). But think about it. We wouldn't be able to see our families without a car--unless they live close enough for you to walk (like yours truly), or you don't mind getting on a plane (but if they live in the same town...that's not gonna work). So, yeah, cars are a  blessing.

Taken on the way to the WILDS

#23: The Bible. I think that most Christians have a tradition of reading the Christmas story at Christmas. We do, too. But this year, we did something different. On youth night, we had two girls (Andrea and Cassandra) read the Christmas story, and Isaiah 53. You know, reading Isaiah 53 is a good idea. I never noticed how it lined up with the Christmas story. But now I do. I'm so thankful that we have the Bible. It's a Book that we can count on and know--really, truly know--that it is the truth.

Today was cookie day! Yeah, I know, we were cutting it kind of close. But we got cookies made and--I had plenty of red hots. Hehe. Remember, I'm obsessed with red hots? All of my cookies are simply               drenched in them. I'll have to show you pictures of them.                                                                             

Well, last night, I started working on my civil war book. And I think that I might have something this time. I'm really happy with it. I'll probably think that it's bad in a few days...but right now, I think it's pretty good (compared to what I had before). Maybe I'll let you read it sometime. I think I'm going to work on it right now. Oh, and by the way, it's Christmas Eve Eve! Have a Merry one!

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  1. Don't forget the gingerbread man who lost his leg and you put blood on it! lol


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