Guess What (I'm Crazy)

10:05 AM

I can't believe that Christmas is only about a week away (plus a few days). Everything is going good with me. I've been working on my songs and stories. Speaking of stories and songs, I still haven't found the song I lost. And on top of that, I lost one of my stories. At this point, I feel like screaming. Thankfully, the story I lost is typed up on my computer, so I still have it. But if my computer would crash like the last one'll have to send me to the Kooky Clinic (as my cousin Jacob would say).

So, wanna hear somethin' funny? Last night, I stabbed myself. Right in the middle of my hand. It was in the palm, too, and I was scared that I had broken an artery. That means that I would die. But guess what I stabbed myself with (and BTW, it was an accident)? A fork. I'm sure that was the sharpest fork in our house. It really hurt. But I'm fine now. There's just a little mark on my hand (I'm not sure how only one of the points got me). If you're wondering how on earth I stabbed myself, I'm not going to tell you much (it's not important, or bad), except that I was goofing off with my brother, and there's still some question as to how it happened (Mark didn't do it either, so don't even think that!).

Youth Night was last night and as always, I loved it! I think the teens did a really good great job of putting together the service. And my youth pastor, Pastor Nathan, had a really good sermon. I had a speaking part with four other people, and--as always--I loved that, too (ya know, I only get nervous until right before, then I feel great)! I definitely love acting. Maybe I should work on Broadway....

Well, I have to go. But not before posting a blessing or two!

Blessing number 10 is Friends.

Sarah and me

Cassandra, in Benny the van, on our way to the WILDS

 Diana and I

My cousin Jacob and I
Friends are so amazing, you know. They're the people that tease you and you tease back, but you still love them and they still love you. I love all my friends. They're pretty cool : )

Blessing #11: My Youth Group/Church.

My Youth Group at the the WILDS. The group on the left was the cool van (group).

Really, my church is really a great church. First of all, we have so much talent in our church. We have so many people who play instruments, and sing, it's really awesome. I don't think that I've ever been in any church where the people are so friendly. I'm so glad that my family came to our church six years ago (actually, it might be seven). And just think, if we wouldn't have come, I wouldn't ever have met Sarah! Aaa! That's scary. I don't even want to think about it.

I'll go now. I have a piano lesson today. I hope to see you all soon! And just a shout out: I'm so excited 'cuz I am going to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader on Sat. and I've heard it's good, and I'm about to explode with excitement, and I'm in ecstasy!!!!! Okay. That's all. Bye. (LOL)

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  1. I am so glad you have great Christian friends.


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