25 Blessings of Christmas: #4, #5, #6

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The 25 Blessings of Christmas, Part 3

#4. Beauty. I'm thankful for beauty. Christmas time has so many beauties. What can compare to a red sunset, with pink clouds against a baby blue sky? Or snow falling down on a pine tree, with purple mountains in the distance? There's so many more beautiful things, that I could go on and on about. But I want to move on.

#5. Pictures/Camera. Maybe this blessing will seem funny to you. But to me, having a camera is a blessing. I love photography. I love to experiment with backgrounds, and getting things in or out of focus. I like to see how many of my friends would be willing to hang something of mine in their living room (not many, I'm still just a beginner!). And besides that, cameras are a blessing because they capture moments that you might never have again. If the memory of something fades, just pull out a photograph; I'm not promising that you'll remember every little detail, but it will help revive the memory. That's why, at Christmas time, my camera is a blessing.

#6. Music. I love Christmas music. I love the bells in the background, and the cheery words. My personal favorite is O Holy Night! I could go on and on about music (because I highly doubt that I could live without it), but I have to go. Have a great week, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Is that a pic of the guitar I gave you? Can you play anything on it?


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