2010: A Year to Remember

5:45 PM

Well, this is the last post of 2010 *sniff sniff*. I'm definitely going to miss it, yes. But now I am so excited for 2011. There's so many things that I am planning on doing. Like, water skiing. If I get the chance at the lake (our family reunion) I'd like to try it (although I keep seeing myself hobbling around on crutches). I want to finish one of my books (at least the first draft). And I'd like to completely finish one of my songs (meaning the music). I want to get a lot done in 2011. At the top of my New Year Resolutions, I wrote Spend more time writing. I wasn't able to work on my writing a lot this year. I was just *gulp* too busy. When I think about that I wonder How could I be too busy to do something I love? Why didn't I make the time? I'm not sure why. I wish I would have made time. If I'm busy this year, then I'm going to make sure that I write. But hopefully, this year won't be so busy. 2010 was jam packed full of stuff that I enjoyed--but took time away from things that I missed out on. I wasn't able to spend my time at my window, writing; I wasn't able to spend every night out at the pool with my friends. That was because my schedule was full. Now I see that it was a mistake (boy, did everything leave me tired!). This year, though, I'm going to try to make things less hectic. For instance, I'm not going to camp. Don't get me wrong--I loved camp, and it was fun. But because I went last year, I missed out on some things back home (like my wonderful bed and pillow! haha). Plus--let me let you in on a little secret--I was homesick the first three days. On Monday, after we got to camp, I wondered why I had come. And I hardly ate anything from Monday to Wednesday (I did have a Mocha freeze, though)--knowing me, that's strange. I love food! I just like my family, that's all. And that was the first time I had ever been away. But thankfully, I was with great friends, and I wasn't homesick too long.

Well, I guess I better get going. But before I do, I'm just wanna let you know that I made a movie of 2010. Okay, it's really just a slide show of pictures from 2010. Hopefully, I can get it on here...but, (pardon the grammar) that ain't gonna happen--probably. But here are some highlights of 2010 that I'll share with you. Thanks for making 2010 a great year, guys! I love you all! Happy New Year!

Vicksburg, MS--Mar. 2010

The WILDS-Aug. 2010

St.Louis Arch--Mar. 2010

Lake--July 2010

Amusment Park-June 2010

Camping-May 2010
Camping-May 2010
My new bike/my birthday-Apr. 2010
Fort Worth Zoo-Mar. 2010

Christmas-Dec. 2010

Christmas-Dec. 2010

Thanksgiving-Nov. 2010

Christmas Caroling-Dec. 2010

Christmas Caroling-Dec. 2010

One of the few snows--Fall/Winter 2010

Discoving and devouring Nutella-November 2010

Talents for Christ-Apr. 2010

 Happy New Year, everybody!

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