#2 and #3 in the 25 Blessings of Christmas

12:14 PM

I woke up this morning and outside, there was a winter wonderland. If anyone wants to see what winter is--and all the beauty that comes with winter--then you must come and see Meadows. It's beautiful. I love where I live.

I've come up with another blessing. # 2 is Food. I'm so thankful that every night, I can sit down and eat a full, warm, nutritious meal. I'm glad that we can buy food, and that I never go hungry. And I love the food that comes with Christmas. Fudge, Christmas cookies, punch--and every Christmas, my mom goes to a Delicatessen to get chicken salad (yum yum!), ham salad, ring bologna, and pimento spread. It's awesome. I love eating that stuff.... So yep, that's my 2nd blessing.

My 3rd blessing is Warmth. We have a furnace downstairs, and we burn wood. I love the way the woodsmoke smells. I'll let you in on a little secret: *in a whisper* sometimes, I get yelled at for standing in the smoke--I do it on purpose, you see, because I like to smell like woodsmoke. It's on my top 10 best smells list. Enough secrets. Haha. I'm so thankful that I can stay warm all winter long. It's true, I was complaining about how cold it was in our house yesterday, but really, it was warm compared to what some people are forced to live in. I suppose that I'm spoiled, living on the equator (just kidding) and being able to wear shorts inside in the middle of January.

You know, sometimes dreams seem impossible. You're working so hard for them, for so long, and after a while you start to think, "This is getting me nowhere. Maybe I should give up." Well, don't give up. Nothing is ever easy. Especially things worth while. I know that it's going to be hard to be a writer; it's hard now. I've lost count of how many time I've had to rewrite things. That gets depressing. I think that maybe I'm not a writer. I feel like giving up. But I try again, and a thousand rewrites later, I get something really beautiful. It might only be a paragraph, or even a sentence. But I know that all my hard work was worth it. And all the while that I was editing my book, it was making me a better writer. That's the way with anything. When I'm coming up with music for my songs, I come up with some pretty bad tunes. So I sit and think for hours. Eventually, I come up with something, and--wouldn't you know it, it was worth the pondering. It's the same way with musicians. You find a piece of music that's really hard, and you don't think you can conquer it. Or you don't think you can ever make it to the big time. Keep working at it. You never know, if you never try. All the hard work will be worth it in the end. Remember that book I was telling you about? Do Hard Things? Well, I think everyone should have a copy of that book. It was written by Christian teens for Christian teens, and it's really good. One quote I love is, Losing is better than not trying and never knowing (I didn't put it in quotation marks, because I don't know if that's the exact quote).
So think about that today. No matter what you want to do--whether it's writing a best seller, being a concert pianist, making it to Broadway, standing up for what you believe in, or witnessing--don't give up. Pray and ask God to give you strength. It's not easy; nothing is ever easy. I feel like giving up writing all the time. But I ask God to help me, to help me get through my writer's block. Sometimes I do get through it. Sure, I'll feel like giving up again, I have no doubt of it. But if I remember not to give up--because with God, all things are possible--then it will help me not to. And I also try to remember that line from Do Hard Things:
                                       Losing is better than not trying and never knowing.

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