What I Love About Christmas

8:49 PM

Christmas is in 43 days. Think about it. So, what do you want? Tell me, I want to know. What's your favorite thing about Christmas? Leave a comment. My favorite thing about Christmas is being with family. I love the music, and the spirit in the air, but I love being with my family. On Christmas Eve, I go to my Mee-Mee's house--and that's really fun. On Christmas day, we go to my Grandma's. I remember fighting with the cousins over a seat on the couch; now, I have been promoted. I automatically get a place to sit. We flip through the TV channels, and then we go eat. That in itself is awesome. I love fudge! After that, we open presents; then we go watch more TV. And the whole time, we're taking pictures of each other, and joking around.

That's what I love about Christmas--being with my family. And friends. So, now you know one of the reasons I love Christmas. Let me know why you like it. 

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  1. The thing I love about Christmas is thinking about how much God loves me to send His only Son to this wicked, sinful earth. And then I would have to say spending time with my fantastic, beautiful family. They make me very happy!

  2. Thanks. You make me happy too!

  3. I love our Christmas Eve family time!


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