Lost Note, Lost Mind

7:22 PM

Thanksgiving has come and gone. My Christmas lights are up outside. I didn't break any bulbs this year, but my fingers were frozen and I didn't have a good time. But our house looks nice, and it was worth it...I guess.

I'm kind of very distressed. I lost one of the songs that I wrote. I am sure that I put it in my writing chest (it's the inside of my window seat), but I practically tore it apart, and I cannot find it anywhere. It's not enough to say that I'm really upset. Where in the world could it be?! I keep praying I'll find it. But if I don't...well, then, I guess I'll have to try and rewrite it.

Well, I've got to go. My mom is sick and so I have to make Scout (my little sis) supper. Whoa, it's 7:16--I guess I should of made Scout's soup sooner (that's somewhat of a tongue twister) . Have a great week. Merry Christmas!

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