Ellie Claire Roberts

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Here is a character sketch of the main character in my mystery. I hope that you enjoy learning about Ellie Claire Roberts!

Full Name:
Ellie Claire Roberts
Meaning of Name: Light Illustrious
Nickname: El (sometimes, Eclair)
Birth Place: Woodlyn, PA (near Philadelphia)
Age: 15
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Light blond, with strawberry blond highlights
Hair Style: Just below the shoulders; layered; with bangs; parted on the right side
Shape and Features of Face: Her face is heart/round shaped; she's not beautiful, but she is pretty.
Eye Color: Sapphire blue
Skin Tone: Almost tan
Scars or Distinguishing Marks: None
Disabilities: None.
Build or Body Type: Thin and small.
Height: 5' 2"
Gestures: She chews her fingernails when she's thinking or nervous.
Weakness: Self-confidence.
Special Abilities or Powers: People say she has ESP.
Bad Habits: Sometimes she does things before thinking.
Good Habits: When she sets her mind on something, she goes after it.
Best Characteristic:She has a good head on her shoulders and can handle emergencies well.
Worst Characteristic: Stubbornness.
Proud of: Her ESP
Embarrassed by: Being proved wrong.
Driving Style: She can't drive yet, but it would depend on the situation.
Strong Points: When she says she'll do something, she'll see it through.
Temperament: Seeks adventure, witty, smart.
Attitude: Sweet, but sometimes stubborn.
Weakness: Stubbornness.
Fears: Being wrong, someone breaking her trust.
Phobias: Losing her friends.
Feels Vulnerable When: People know a lot about her.
Motivation: Adventure
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert.
Optimist or Pessimist: Optimist.
Greatest Want: To have an adventure
Greatest Need: Someone to give her advice, tell her when to stop, and keep her under control.

I'd like to tell you about about each of the important characters in my book; the trouble is, which one to tell you about first. Well, you're all probably thinking, "get on with it, we know that you chose to tell us about Ellie Claire Roberts." I'll get on with it, then. I decided to tell you about Ellie first because she's my main character. Simple enough.

Ellie is a crazy fifteen year-old, looking for adventure. If you remember that, then you know a lot about Ellie. She's been adventuresome ever since she was small, but the longing for it has grown over the years. So, when she and her three friends stumble onto a notebook (through a bunch of strange events) she starts to jump to conclusions, and makes a big deal out of nothing--something she always does. Her friends say that she's blowing things out of proportion--especially when Ellie links the notebook to a local murder.

Fate seems to be on Ellie's side, though. An old friend calls Ellie up and they start to talk about the murder--which seems mysterious to Ellie. After Ellie and her old friend are done talking, Ellie finds out that Trey--one of her three friends--has called the FBI so Ellie can tell them what she thinks.

That's all that I'll tell you now, because I don't want to give the rest of the plot away. Maybe (more like hopefully) I'll be able to give you some more character sketches (if they don't bore you to death).

Ellie Claire Roberts is my character. Please do not copy her--whether it be her name, or the person (for example, taking who she is but changing her name). Thanks for your cooperation!

This character sketch was made by Awel Prince.

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  1. Emily, Ellie sounds great and the idea for your book sounds very cool! I can't wait to read it.

  2. Thanks! It's still a major work in process.


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