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1:58 PM

Second day of high school. It went extremely well. (And that is the end of my extremely random sentence--yay, randomness! Right, Sarah?)

Last night, I played some football with Mark and the neighbors. It was fun. I scraped my knees a little, but isn't that the best part of football? Having the scrapes to prove it? After that, my brother and I came inside and did a whole scene from Night at the Museum 2 together (the scene with Brandon--"most popular baby names, 1984--Brandon" LOL). It was pretty awesome. Not like the original, but it was pretty good. I love that movie; Mark and Sarah are hopefully used to my quotes by now (I'm always quoting the movie).

Anyway, I tried to write a second draft to one of my books, but failed utterly. In the first place, I think I failed utterly (maybe not utterly) with the first draft--although, I think that I might of had something with Part 2 of the first draft. Right now, I'm trying to decide whether or not to try to fix the story line--or if I should even bother with the story at all (it's only a short story that I finished last year).

We've been watching old home movies, lately. Not ones that my parent's have taped, but one's that us kids have made. They can get pretty crazy. Unless you've known me for a long time (since I've been seven, at least) you have no idea how crazy I was when I was little. And you never will. Until you watch those home videos. There's one in particular. We didn't even make it. My aunt was taping us one day; I was being a news reporter to a wrestling match between Mark, my pappy, and I. That's all that I will say. My brother loves to show it to anyone (no, it's not a typo, I mean, anyone). I will admit, it is hilarious--you might just die of laughter. But my brother is threatening to show it at my wedding, if I ever get married. I told him I don't care; it isn't my graduation party. I think that would be worse.
There are a bunch of other home movies, too (my brother and I were always making movies). Sometime, we'll make another one. It will be crazy, no doubt. And funny. Maybe I'll show it to you. Just so you can see how crazy I am.

Enjoy the nice hot weather,
You're Crazy Blogging Friend.

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  1. Ahhh, I remember that video! You guys were so creative.

  2. haha. You still remember that? Oh, dear.


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