Happy Birthday, Bud

2:36 PM

Happy Birthday, Mark!

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. We had a party with the family and it was quite fun. Before that, though, we played some neighborhood football and all of the neighborhood kids have the scrapes to prove it. The teams were Mark, Dylann, Annie, and I, then the twins, Derek and Briant. We creamed them. I'm not bragging, I'm just stating the facts. The first injury was when I asked if we could trip people (isn't that just like me?). The guys said yes, only we couldn't kick them in the knees. They showed what they meant on Derek--by kicking him in the shins (it wasn't Mark, who kicked him, either). I can't remember to much else, except that I tripped the un-trippable (you had to be there).

After that it was party time! We got to watch Mark open his presents, then--drum roll, please--we got to eat! We had chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, ice-cream, pretzels, chips, ice tea, lemonade, and oatmeal chocolate chips cookies. After we ate, we took turns playing the Wii--to be specific, Mario Kart (my mom got it for her b-day)!

When people weren't playing, they were either talking, or laughing at the people playing (hahahahaha). David and I always won--okay, I only played once. But I won that time . I was told that's because I know all the short cuts. Maybe....

And of course, Londan was fun, too! She's walking a lot now, and well, she's just so lovable! She and Annie get along so well.

(The sign on Londan's pants says: "STOP do not return product to store")

Mark got some pretty good stuff; Wii sports resort (and accessories), Super Mario Brothers, an air soft pistol, air soft bullets, air soft targets (as you can see, Mark's into air soft), a trucking game (a sequel to one he already has), a mustang shirt (thank you, Natalie and Jacob!), and a bunch of other cool stuff. Even the birthday cards were cool. We bought Mark some blue balloons to use today (he's having two neighbors over for a mini party), and I--loving to write--wrote "Happy Birthday Mark!" on one. That and "go team Blue!" Haha.

So, as you can see, I had a great time. And I think that Mark did, too. Even if he did have to get his picture taken.

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