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When you get writer's block, what do you do?

All I can come up with is: sit and think. So,I start to think of an idea for my incomplete "work of art", and it's amazing; then, a few hours later, I start to add the idea to your book. And it's a monstrosity (okay, I'm being a drama queen). The idea that was once full of flavor and life is now bland and lifeless.

I'm sorry that I'm venting. But I'm sort of stuck on the mystery that I started. I've come to a dead end. I mean, I have the whole plot mapped out--but when I sit down to write it, I can't find words for my ideas. Am I losing my touch? Maybe I'm not a writer. I truly believe that I am, though. Why else would I have such a desire to write? I once heard someone say that "ink flows through my veins" (or something like that).

And then of course comes the question, "Which book is more important to me?" I know, this sounds totally off subject, right? And you're probably also wondering how many books I've started. I've started...well, I can't even count the many books that I've started. I wish I wouldn't start a book, and then go and start another one, but I can't help it. I come back to them eventually (the ones that I don't come back to..well.... I know that they aren't any good). Right now, I'm constantly thinking and working on one novel--my favorite novel. This novel is the novel that I slave over, working out plots. I have started it three times, because I didn't think it was good enough. I'm constantly working on the characters, and mapping out each of their lives. This is the novel that I want to see published. I won't tell you about it now, because it's still a work in progress, and...well, to tell the truth, I'm not sure what other reason there is. I know that there is one, but for the life of me, I can't decided what it is. Anyway: I figure that if it never gets published, then... I might not show it to anybody. But I'm going to bend over backwards until I get it published--or break (that's a figure of speech, of course). I'll just have to be constant. Constantly constant (pardon my redundancy). Call me Constance, to remind me to be constant, will ya?

I'll leave you to your own selves now. I'm sorry that I have probably bored you to death. On a more random note, was it not a nice day? Personally, I think that it was really cold (I like 80-90 degree weather, remember?), but for the most part, it was nice. We got to have all the windows open, after all : ) Now, I'll go. I think that I'm going to devote the night to writing. Yeah, I like that idea a lot.

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  1. Sometimes when I have a writer's block, I find that if I go and do something else for a while an idea will come to me.

    No writer EVER feels adequate. Everything I've ever read by writers talks about how you sit down to write and you worry that you can't write anything that's worth reading. I would say that you are a very normal writer!

  2. Thanks. When I get writers block, I sit down and try to clear my mind. Then I tell myself "you are a writer. you're no Shakespeare, but you are in fact a writer." After that, I read a book. "The Block" doesn't usually last that long.


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