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Things that I enjoy:

Being with my wonderful family. I know that I couldn't have a better family than the one I have now. I was made for them, they were made for me, and we all get along so well!

Hanging out with my dearest friends. They are such an encouragement to me. I know that I will never be able to express my thanks.

Getting to know my friends (and family) better. There's nothing like being able to find out more and more about your friends. It draws you even closer.

Writing stories and songs. It's my way of expressing myself. I can pour out my whole heart into the words--and music--that I write.

Summer nights, when the stars are innumerable. There always seems to be more stars in the summer.

Autumn days, when everything is as crisp as a... a potato chip?

Living where I do. I have to live in the most beautiful spot in the world. I don't need to live in the deep south, or the Mediterranean. I love this place.

Christmas. I love the music, baking, eating, the parties, the warmth that everyone seems to have, and remembering that God sent His only Son to die for me, and everyone else.

Music. I love to sit at the piano and play until my fingers hurt. I love to listen to my mom and my friends play their instruments (like Morgan's guitar!), and I love to listen to CD's that I like. There are some songs that express what we're feeling so perfectly, don't you think?

Family parties. (My family is full of good cooks. Ymmmm!) I love everything about family parties, but what I love most is being with my family.

Camping. The food is definitely a reason to love camping. We really know how to cook. Enough said.

Just sitting and thinking. I love to sit at my window, or outside, and think; about writing, about my family, about beauty...About anything! I love to be alone with my thoughts.

Life. Sometimes, not so much; but most of the time, I think, "I really don't have that bad of a life." I especially think this when I look over what I enjoy. It really does help to Count Your Blessings and Name them one by one. I've only listed a few; I could go on forever. And I'm sure you all could, too. I want to challenge you to all think of your blessings. Life's too short to complain about it. Like I said in one post, life is like a vapor (James 4:13-14).

Being able to trust God. It is absolutely amazing that I can trust Someone for everything I will ever need! I never have to worry that my life is going down the drain, because I have a Heavenly Father Who takes care of everything. He sent His only Son to die for me! The though of Someone loving me that much, is hard to comprehend.

Living in America. I know that I won't get thrown in prison for reading my Bible, praying, or going to church. I know that I live in the lap of luxury--no, my parents aren't millionaires, but--because we live in America--we are blessed. And that makes us rich.

Laughing. I love to laugh. I love to laugh so hard that my stomach hurts, I start to cry, and I can't even breath. That is awesome.

Reading. It takes me far away, and--with the Emily Novels--is helps my writing. Plus, I can get some pretty goods quotes.

Photography. I love to take pictures. There are so many times when I see something, and I race to get my camera--or, if my camera isn't there, I sit and mourn over not having it with me. But I take my camera everywhere, so I don't usually have to mourn too much.

Road trips. I love road trips. Whether it's singing off-key songs (actually, that's not too enjoyable), or playing games, road trips are fun.

Summer thunder storms. It gets so creepy, and--where I live--it gets really windy. Of course, I don't enjoy the thought of a tornado, but, other than that, I like summer thunder storms.

Making lists. You're all probably thinking, "Duh." Or, maybe you're thinking that I'm weird. But either way, it's true. I like to make lists. I'll sit down and force myself to think of a reason to make a list. Yeah, it's true.

Day-dreaming. If you've ever heard me blog, you will probably know this to be true. I love to daydream. So, so much.

Making other people laugh is something that I love to do--well, only if I'm trying. Of course, if I fall and think it's funny, too, then go right ahead and laugh--but remember, laugh with me, not at me. No, actually, that's okay. I'm accident prone, and I'm so clumsy, that it isn't right to ask you not to laugh. I laugh at myself all the time, anyway. Ask Morgan, she knows. I trip over flat surfaces. I deserve to be laughed at.

Being homeschooled. (Random thought: the spell-checks obviously don't know how to spell "homeschooled"--it's not two separate words. At least, it's not the way, I spell it.) Being homeschooled is cool because I don't have to wake up super super early (that's pretty nice), I get to help pick out my curriculum, and if I need help (like on Algebra) my mom's right there.

Once again, I must say how much I enjoy my life. I wake up, eat, do school, hangout with my friends (Mark and Annie), cream (or get creamed) on the Wii, write, dad comes home, I go outside (sometimes), play football with neighbors, wave at cousin, write some life is awesome. I sit at my window and not do anything but breathe and enjoy the fresh air (really, I don't know why I'm obsessed with my window) and...well, my life is awesome! And right now, I'm going to thank all of you who make it possible for my life to be awesome. Thanks!

How can anyone look at this and say that they're not blessed?

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