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One of my last posts for another week and a hlaf. I know that you won't miss reading my blog. And that's because everyone who read this blog will be away. A few of you will be at camp with me, two will be at the beach, and three will be camping. I'm really excited about camp! Please pray that we'll have a safe trip and a good time; I know I'll appreciate it.

Today I saw my friend Morgan for the first time in about a month. We showed each other a few songs that we were writing, then went swimming, and had an awesome time. Even though Mark did hit me with a noodle.

Our neighbor (Dylann) got a cat! They named it Russell. Then he found out that Russell was a girl. Hmmm....Now, to explain the next part, I need to know, have any of you seen "Up"? Remember how Russell finds a bird and names it Kevin, and then finds out that "Kevin's a girl!" ? Well, because the same thing happened to Dylann, he named his kitten, Kevin. But I thought that the kitten should have more of a girlie name. So, I suggested that Dylann name her Elliot, and call her Ellie for short. Now the cat's full name is Russell Kevin Elliot (Ellie for short).

I got a new computer! I can now make CDs of my songs, music videos of my songs (it has a movie maker) and I can type up my books. Not to mention play a few computer games now and then : )
I am thrilled. It's as simple as that. Thank you, Mee-Mee, for giving me a new computer! And flat screen monitor! My office looks so much more high tech, as Mark says. haha

Now I will get off. My mom wants me to start packing for the WILDS. Oh, wait a sec!


Diana turns fifteen today! Leave a comment and wish her happy birthday (I'll tell her at church).

Also Happy Birthday to my Mee-Mee. She turned ...... yesterday. Haha, I'm not going to tell you how old she is, cuz I want to get Christmas presents this years. LOL. Really, she's not that old.

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  1. oh wow, a new computer! Thats awesome! I hope you have an awesome time at camp! =)

  2. Thanks to you for making my birthday special. And I'm glad that you enjoy the computer. Have lots of fun at camp!!!s

  3. You're both welcome. My new computer is so awesome! I can't keep Mark and Annie off of it :)


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