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6:42 PM

And so starts my last week of being lazy. Yes, school starts next week. This is the last chance I get to spend my whole day writing (other than weekends and holiday breaks). In a way I'm excited for school. I'm going to be reading a lot, and--here we go--writing a lot. Plus, I get to dive into history. History is probably my favorite subject (although I love music and literature). I love to learn about America and how people fought--how people gave their lives--for this country.

Yet, I don't like to learn about it. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and respect our soldiers; but it seems a shame that so many people have died for this country and some people don't care. Believe it or not, there are some people who really don't care about the people who died. As long as they can have what they want, when they want it, who cares? I don't look at it that way at all. When I think of how people gave their life for this country, I feel so patriotic. I ask myself, "Would I be willing to do that? And am I trying to make America the place that it our founding fathers wanted it to be?" I think it's time we wake up and do something about our wonderful country. Because, if we don't do something now, I have a feeling that America won't be too wonderful in a few years. Just today, I was reading the paper, and I couldn't believe what our country is coming to.
Some of you might say, "Well, I'm to young to do anything." (You might also be saying, "Em, you're too young to do anything.") Maybe you don't realize this, but I am a very determined girl. I am also a very stubborn girl when I put my mind to it. My point it this: Come on, guys, I'm fourteen, and I think I can do something. One verse in the Bible says,

"Let no man despise thy youth."
(1 Timothy 4;12)

I think it's time we listen to that verse and do something. I really recommend that you guys read Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. It's really good. It is for teens, but I think that everyone should read it.

Will you help me? I can't do it alone. I want America to be a place that our fallen soldiers--and founding fathers--and our Heavenly Father--can be proud of. I want it to be a country that I can be proud of. Please help. I can' t do it on my own. And pass the word around--if we get a lot of people trying to make a REAL change, then maybe we can.

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  1. Realy Cool! I think we all make changes, even if they are just small things that people don't even recognize! I'm proud of you Emily! Your a great Person! :-)

  2. Thank you, David. I think that you're a great person, too!

  3. Maybe you'll be president someday.

  4. Thank you, aunt Kim. That would be nice. Although, there's sooo many other people who would be better leaders. But if I would be the president, then at least America would have a Christian president. Oh well.


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