One Day

4:57 PM

One day, I will be a great writer. One day, I'll write a bestseller, and it will be in the window of Borders.
But for now, I'm going to dream.

One day, I'm going to send my books to a publisher.
But for now, I'm going to straighten out my plots.

One day, some of my dreams will come true.
But for now, I will sort out the important dreams from the unimportant dreams.

Today, I re-started one of my books. The first draft didn't seem "me". So, I started a second draft. That one didn't tell the story like I wanted it to. That's why I went downstairs to my computer today, and started to type out my first draft. Maybe I thought that by typing it up, I would get rid of my writer's block. It did. I used parts from both my 1st and 2nd draft. I've only got a page and a half, but I think that this draft will be the best of the three.

Right now, though, I'm realizing that it's harder to put my ideas onto paper than I thought. The characters are so real in my imagination, but when I put them on paper, they seem like...well, puppets. It hurts me to say that about my characters--they are so dear to me. I suppose--no, I know--that making characters seem real comes with maturity.

I can't expect to have characters like Romeo and Juliet, or Anne of Green Gables, for example. I'm not an experienced writer; I still have things to learn. But even though I know all these things, I still expect more of myself--I expect myself to be a perfect, mature writer, who can captivate her readers; and worst of all, I get into a "slump"--I get discouraged when I read my books and see how dull and lifeless my beautiful characters are. I know I shouldn't be. I just need to keep on writing. And that's what I'm doing.
I'm going to finish my novel. I'm going to make my characters seem so real that it's unbelievable. It might not be tomorrow that this all happens; but one day, it will.

One day, I'm going to show you my book. One day, my wish will come true. One day, I'm going to get a little higher up on the Alpine Path.

One day, I will conquer my fears, and finish my book. One day.......

(Now go and listen to My Wish on my music player--it's an awesome song also listen to Breakaway--that's sort of like my theme song)

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  1. This post was BEAUTIFUL. You are a talented writer and it showed just in this blog.

    I always struggled with dialogue. When I'd read my dialogue, it sounded so flat. Just keep doing it. Keep reading good writing and your writing will adapt.

    I love you so!

  2. Thank you! You really think that I'm talented? I have been reading good writers this summer; the characters in some of the books seem so real. I am trying to make mine seem real, too. But, like I said before, it's a work in progress. I think I'll get there, soon.

  3. i agree w. aunt kim. ;) that was a beautiful post.

  4. Thank you, Sarah. I really appreciate it. You don't know how much it means to me. : )


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