Another Crazy Day in Meadows

7:42 PM

Here I am, at the computer, happy with what I have accomplished today. I had a picnic with Morgan and Bethanie (I made and brought along cookies), I wrote two songs, and started another one, I packed a little, and I was in an air soft war (I got shot, and it didn't feel too pleasant. I'm still a little numb). I also played with Ellie--she's so cute (not as cute as my aunt's puppy, though).

Well, the WILDS is in three days. I'm excited. Although, Pastor Nathan has been making a lot of comments about how much luggage the girls will probably bring, and how little the guys will bring. I'm only bringing my suitcase and a small backpack (plus my pillow)--I think that it would be funny if I had a less amount of luggage than the guys (I probably, will, too). Why am I bringing so little? One of the reasons is that I know if I bring something, I have to carry it myself. And I don't like to carry things, you know; I don't have too much muscle.

I went camping for the day on Tuesday, for my Mee-Mee's birthday. I had a good time (BTW, I love Subway!!!!!!). On the way home, as we (aunt Kim, Annie, and I) were driving past the lake, I saw a sight for sore eyes--it was so pretty: the misty mountians in the distance, the was quite nice. It made me think how much I love beautiful moments. And that gave me an idea for a song; a song that I call Beautiful Moments. I only have the first verse and half of the chorus, but it's getting there. I have beautiful moments a lot in the summer, so I'm sure that I'll be able to finish my song soon. I'll try and post it on here for you.

Now I'm going to go. Thinking about my song has given me an idea. Good-bye, blogger people!

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  1. Sorry its been forever since I was on here. =( And you went to Hammond without us! I am so, so, so disappointed I couldn't see it again...

    Oh yea and I was going to vote on your poll about the seasons, But fall and spring are both my favorite seasons and I could only pick one...

  2. It's okay David. Yeah, I'm sorry I went to Hammond without you guys. It was really humid up there, though, and that made it hard to breath. My all time favorite season is summer, then after that, is fall. I like spring and winter, too (winter last). I like different things about each season, but summer is my definite fav.


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