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2:45 PM

Once again I am doing a tag. I love tags. I would like to apologize for the weird stuff in this post. Don't freak out--it's nothing weird-weird. It's just that the bold print was messed up. I tried to fix it, but it didn't really work. Enjoy!

1. High heels or boots?
Boots! Although, I'd rather wear sneakers.

2. What time did you get up this morning? 6 or 7 something.

3. What was the last movie you saw at the theater? Toy story 3! And I loved it!

4. What is your maiden name? I don't have a maiden name.

5. What is your favorite TV show?
America's Funniest Home Videos!!!

6. What do you usually have for breakfast?
It changes all the time.

7. What is your middle name? Paige.

8. What food do you dislike? Suerkraut. Yuk.

9. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Freedom, by Michael W. Smith.

10. What characteristic do you despise? Those who think that the know more and are better than you.
11. Favorite clothing?Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.

12. Anywhere in the world on vacation? Meadows.

13. Are you an organized person? Haha. I try to be. I think I'm doing a pretty good job. I like things to be clean. I am forever cleaning my room (yes, I really do. I have changed since my younger days)

14. Where would you retire to? Meadows.

15. What was your most recent memorable birthday? My fourteenth b-day, this year--I finally got my new bike!!! Yeah!!!!!

16. What are you going to do when you finish this? I'm probably going to go home (I'm at my Mee-Mee's)

17. Furthest place you have ever been to? I don't know.

18. Person you wish you could meet? Jesus.
19. When is your birthday? April 5th, 1996. 1:00 am (I think)

20. Are you a morning person or a night person? I like bedtime because I lay awake and work on plots. Plus I love nights. Last night had to be the most beautiful night EVER!

21. What is your shoe size? 8--8 1/2

22. Do you own any animals? No. *snif*

23. Any news you'd like to share? I'm making a movie of 2010.
24. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? A pianist.

25. What is your favorite flower? Red Roses.

26. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? June 21st, 2011 (it will be the first day of summer!)

28. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue! (Go blue!!!)
29. How is the weather right now? Too cold.

30. Last person you spoke to on the phone? I think that it was my Mee-Mee.

31. Favorite drink? Ice water. Although I like a lot of other stuff.

32. Favorite restaurant? Arbys! And if it can't be fast food, then...Friendlys!

33. Hair color? Gold with light blond and strawberry blond highlights.

34. What was your favorite toy as a child? Samantha. Dear, dear Samantha. She was my American girl doll.

35. Spring, summer, fall, or winter? SUMMER! Is that even a question?! I LOVE SUMMER!
36. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, duh.

37. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Now, if it were sweet tea--good, southern, sweet tea.

38. Wish you were still young? Yes. I mean, I'm still young, but I wish I was younger. I didn't appreciate being a tween or little kid.
39. Do you want to get married? Yes!

40. When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday. Actually, I guess my eyes were just watering. Before that.... a few Tuesday's ago.

41. What is under your bed? Who knows?

42. What did you do last night? I watched the Little League World Series on TV. My brothers is reaaaally into baseball.

43. What are you afraid of? Writers block. And something happening to any of my family members.
44. Salty or sweet? Sweet! Perferably sweet tea!

45. Best quality you have? I have awesome family!!!
46. How many years at your current job? I have considered myself a writer for two or three years. I wrote my first story when I was three or four. I am dead serious.

47. Favorite day of the week? Saturday. Especially if Morgan is home : )

48. Favorite movie? The Blue and the Gray. And Toy Story 3.
49. Have you ever had a crush on anyone? Yes.
50. Do you like finding out all this stuff about your friends? Yes. I hope that they do this tag (hint, hint)

I tag everyone!!!

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  1. I will do this sometime when its not so late at night. lol Well if you want me too that is...

  2. Good :) And yes, I do want you to do this.

  3. I did the survey and posted it on my blog that I haven't done anything with since May! ha ha

    I loved reading your answers. I couldn't be any prouder of you.

  4. I read your answers and they were pretty good. Guess what? My favorite movie changed from the Blue and the Gray to Peter Pan. I love that movie.... *sighs dreamily*


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