A REAL Change

Monday, August 30, 2010

And so starts my last week of being lazy. Yes, school starts next week. This is the last chance I get to spend my whole day writing (other than weekends and holiday breaks). In a way I'm excited for school. I'm going to be reading a lot, and--here we go--writing a lot. Plus, I get to dive into history. History is probably my favorite subject (although I love music and literature). I love to learn about America and how people fought--how people gave their lives--for this country.

Yet, I don't like to learn about it. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and respect our soldiers; but it seems a shame that so many people have died for this country and some people don't care. Believe it or not, there are some people who really don't care about the people who died. As long as they can have what they want, when they want it, who cares? I don't look at it that way at all. When I think of how people gave their life for this country, I feel so patriotic. I ask myself, "Would I be willing to do that? And am I trying to make America the place that it our founding fathers wanted it to be?" I think it's time we wake up and do something about our wonderful country. Because, if we don't do something now, I have a feeling that America won't be too wonderful in a few years. Just today, I was reading the paper, and I couldn't believe what our country is coming to.
Some of you might say, "Well, I'm to young to do anything." (You might also be saying, "Em, you're too young to do anything.") Maybe you don't realize this, but I am a very determined girl. I am also a very stubborn girl when I put my mind to it. My point it this: Come on, guys, I'm fourteen, and I think I can do something. One verse in the Bible says,

"Let no man despise thy youth."
(1 Timothy 4;12)

I think it's time we listen to that verse and do something. I really recommend that you guys read Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. It's really good. It is for teens, but I think that everyone should read it.

Will you help me? I can't do it alone. I want America to be a place that our fallen soldiers--and founding fathers--and our Heavenly Father--can be proud of. I want it to be a country that I can be proud of. Please help. I can' t do it on my own. And pass the word around--if we get a lot of people trying to make a REAL change, then maybe we can.

The Perfect Day

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today has to be a perfect day. It could be a little warmer (80 degrees is my kind of weather), but it's still heavenly. There's a nice breeze, and the fresh air that blows into my window is so...relaxing. This morning I sat on my window bench and read. Then I tried to write. And that reminds me. I think I told you how I started a book about Meadows. Our county has to be the most beautiful place in the world. And the people who live here are wonderful, too. I can't imagine life without Meadows. Really, it's such a big part in my life; I could never have wrote some of my books if I hadn't lived here.
I'll just be sitting at my window, staring across our yard, and an idea will come into my head for a song or a story. And the air is so pure, so sweet, that I can't help but stop and take a few deep breaths. Believe me, you haven't lived until you experience a day--particularly a summer day--at Meadows.

Anyway, back to my book. It isn't going to be a biography of me; it's going to be based on things that have happened to me, though. I'll add a little bit of fiction, because let's face it--my life isn't super exciting to most people. It's no action novel.

It's going to be September, soon. I can't help but feel a little... I don't know...depressed? Summer has flown right by. I feel as if I've wasted it. There were so many things that I wanted to do. I wanted to finish one of my novels; well, I'm not even close to having any novel done. I just barely got our annual picnic in with Morgan and Bethanie. And get this: we haven't even had a baseball game yet this year. Of course, that's because of Mark's arm. But still. It seems like everything that could keep me from writing did happen. I know that's not true, though. I didn't break my arm, and that would definitely keep my from writing. I just need to remember that I can't let myself walk away from writing. I need to get serious about writing.

Well, I'm going to get off now. Mark and the neighbors are outside playing baseball, and I'm going to go play too! Summer's not over yet!

One Day

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One day, I will be a great writer. One day, I'll write a bestseller, and it will be in the window of Borders.
But for now, I'm going to dream.

One day, I'm going to send my books to a publisher.
But for now, I'm going to straighten out my plots.

One day, some of my dreams will come true.
But for now, I will sort out the important dreams from the unimportant dreams.

Today, I re-started one of my books. The first draft didn't seem "me". So, I started a second draft. That one didn't tell the story like I wanted it to. That's why I went downstairs to my computer today, and started to type out my first draft. Maybe I thought that by typing it up, I would get rid of my writer's block. It did. I used parts from both my 1st and 2nd draft. I've only got a page and a half, but I think that this draft will be the best of the three.

Right now, though, I'm realizing that it's harder to put my ideas onto paper than I thought. The characters are so real in my imagination, but when I put them on paper, they seem like...well, puppets. It hurts me to say that about my characters--they are so dear to me. I suppose--no, I know--that making characters seem real comes with maturity.

I can't expect to have characters like Romeo and Juliet, or Anne of Green Gables, for example. I'm not an experienced writer; I still have things to learn. But even though I know all these things, I still expect more of myself--I expect myself to be a perfect, mature writer, who can captivate her readers; and worst of all, I get into a "slump"--I get discouraged when I read my books and see how dull and lifeless my beautiful characters are. I know I shouldn't be. I just need to keep on writing. And that's what I'm doing.
I'm going to finish my novel. I'm going to make my characters seem so real that it's unbelievable. It might not be tomorrow that this all happens; but one day....one day, it will.

One day, I'm going to show you my book. One day, my wish will come true. One day, I'm going to get a little higher up on the Alpine Path.

One day, I will conquer my fears, and finish my book. One day.......

(Now go and listen to My Wish on my music player--it's an awesome song also listen to Breakaway--that's sort of like my theme song)

I Should Be Asleep

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I suppose that I should be in bed now. I should be getting used to being in bed by nine o' clock, for school. But I'm awake; I'm not even home. I'm at my Mee-Mee's house. Mark wanted to watch Texas play against Washington in the Little League World Series (we don't have cable, or dish or anything like that). So, that's why I'm not in bed.

I watched the movie, Finding Neverland the other night. If J.M. Barrie was truly like what he was in the movie, then I think that I am like him. A huge imagination, a desire to write...We're the same. Then of course, I had to watch Peter Pan. I love that movie. And I'm not talking about the animated version. I'm talking about the one with real people. It. Is. Amazing. The music is amazing. Peter Pan has to be one of my favorite movies. My imagination seems to grow another size whenever I watch it. And talk about dreamland...

My imagination...Sometimes I wonder whether or not it's a curse. I have so many ideas for stories, and songs, but it feels like I'll never be able to put them into words; it feels like I won't ever be able to express my huge imagination. I wish...I wish I could write my imagination down on paper. A line of a song I like says I hope "Your dreams stay big and your worries stay small". Well, as for the big dreams, there's no worry that my dreams will ever get small. Worries staying small...well, that's another story. I'm a little worried that I'll never make it; worried that I won't be a bestseller. But I've been thinking. Yes, one of my biggest dreams will be shattered if one or two of my books never get published; but it won't break my heart. I enjoy writing. I don't write so I can say, "I have a book published"--I don't write for the fame. I write because I want to. I write because I need to . I write, because I have to. Ever since I can remember, I have been writing plays for my family to perform; once, when I was three or four, I wrote a story. The point is, I was born a writer. And that is exactly why I can still smile if my books aren't bestsellers in Borders, or Barns and Nobles. I am a writer. No one can make me anything else. I can't make me anything else. Believe me, I've tried.

I'll stop venting now. I've been in an imaginative mood, lately. I've been in...I don't know what you call it. I'll just say that I'm being thoroughly Emily right now. Goodbye. Pardon me for any and all typos. I have to go, now. Also, if you could pray for me. I have a sore throat and a little bit of a cough. Bye.

Tag! You're it

Monday, August 23, 2010

Once again I am doing a tag. I love tags. I would like to apologize for the weird stuff in this post. Don't freak out--it's nothing weird-weird. It's just that the bold print was messed up. I tried to fix it, but it didn't really work. Enjoy!

1. High heels or boots?
Boots! Although, I'd rather wear sneakers.

2. What time did you get up this morning? 6 or 7 something.

3. What was the last movie you saw at the theater? Toy story 3! And I loved it!

4. What is your maiden name? I don't have a maiden name.

5. What is your favorite TV show?
America's Funniest Home Videos!!!

6. What do you usually have for breakfast?
It changes all the time.

7. What is your middle name? Paige.

8. What food do you dislike? Suerkraut. Yuk.

9. What is your favorite CD at the moment? Freedom, by Michael W. Smith.

10. What characteristic do you despise? Those who think that the know more and are better than you.
11. Favorite clothing?Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.

12. Anywhere in the world on vacation? Meadows.

13. Are you an organized person? Haha. I try to be. I think I'm doing a pretty good job. I like things to be clean. I am forever cleaning my room (yes, I really do. I have changed since my younger days)

14. Where would you retire to? Meadows.

15. What was your most recent memorable birthday? My fourteenth b-day, this year--I finally got my new bike!!! Yeah!!!!!

16. What are you going to do when you finish this? I'm probably going to go home (I'm at my Mee-Mee's)

17. Furthest place you have ever been to? I don't know.

18. Person you wish you could meet? Jesus.
19. When is your birthday? April 5th, 1996. 1:00 am (I think)

20. Are you a morning person or a night person? I like bedtime because I lay awake and work on plots. Plus I love nights. Last night had to be the most beautiful night EVER!

21. What is your shoe size? 8--8 1/2

22. Do you own any animals? No. *snif*

23. Any news you'd like to share? I'm making a movie of 2010.
24. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? A pianist.

25. What is your favorite flower? Red Roses.

26. What is a day on the calendar you are looking forward to? June 21st, 2011 (it will be the first day of summer!)

28. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Blue! (Go blue!!!)
29. How is the weather right now? Too cold.

30. Last person you spoke to on the phone? I think that it was my Mee-Mee.

31. Favorite drink? Ice water. Although I like a lot of other stuff.

32. Favorite restaurant? Arbys! And if it can't be fast food, then...Friendlys!

33. Hair color? Gold with light blond and strawberry blond highlights.

34. What was your favorite toy as a child? Samantha. Dear, dear Samantha. She was my American girl doll.

35. Spring, summer, fall, or winter? SUMMER! Is that even a question?! I LOVE SUMMER!
36. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, duh.

37. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Now, if it were sweet tea--good, southern, sweet tea.

38. Wish you were still young? Yes. I mean, I'm still young, but I wish I was younger. I didn't appreciate being a tween or little kid.
39. Do you want to get married? Yes!

40. When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday. Actually, I guess my eyes were just watering. Before that.... a few Tuesday's ago.

41. What is under your bed? Who knows?

42. What did you do last night? I watched the Little League World Series on TV. My brothers is reaaaally into baseball.

43. What are you afraid of? Writers block. And something happening to any of my family members.
44. Salty or sweet? Sweet! Perferably sweet tea!

45. Best quality you have? I have awesome family!!!
46. How many years at your current job? I have considered myself a writer for two or three years. I wrote my first story when I was three or four. I am dead serious.

47. Favorite day of the week? Saturday. Especially if Morgan is home : )

48. Favorite movie? The Blue and the Gray. And Toy Story 3.
49. Have you ever had a crush on anyone? Yes.
50. Do you like finding out all this stuff about your friends? Yes. I hope that they do this tag (hint, hint)

I tag everyone!!!

I'm Back

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Wilds was a lot of fun. On Tuesday, I wasn't too sure whether or not I would come back again, but by Wednesday, I had changed my mind. What was my favorite part of camp, you ask? Well, I think that the most fun I had was on the car trip down. I'm not sure, though. I had quite a good time with the girls from my cabin. I have our cabin picture hanging up in my office, downstairs. I won't forget my first time at camp.

 Today, my brother and our neighbors had an air-soft war. It was so funny to see them running around in masks and carrying guns around. Seriously, they look like storm troopers, from Star Wars. Haha.

I was watching Anne of Green Gables the other day, and I must say that you are never too old to love that movie. My little sister Annie has decided that she likes Gilbert. Who doesn't, though?: ) Anyway, in the sequel to Anne of Green Gables (I watched that, too) Anne writes a book about where she lives, and the people she loves. I had been thinking about doing that myself, and well, watching the movie made up my mind. Yesterday, I started writing another book. It's going to be about my beautiful Meadows (we call our neighborhood Meadows), and the people I love. Of course, the story won't be like a biography; but the characters in the book will be based on the people I love. That means that each and every one of you will play some part in this book. Actually, all of the books that I've written have a little bit of my loved ones in them. I can't help it. It's just something that happens. Maybe it's because you're all so interesting : )

Now I will get off. I started to read another Agatha Christie book. It's called Three Blind Mice. For those of you who were at the Wilds, they said that Three Blind Mice was one of the bestselling books in the world. It's pretty good; deliciously creepy. Goodbye all!

P.S. I plan to put my pics from the Wilds on here sometime.

I'm in Virginia (and I like it)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well, I'm back from the WILDS. I'm not home, but I am camping with my family. On Saturday, we went to the Biltmore mansion, and today, we are going to Monticello. Then, tomorrow, we go home! And I can sleep in my own bed : )

Now, about the Wilds. I will go into further detail at home (the wi-fi at this campground isn't too great) and add pictures. But I'll tell you a few things now. The trip down was fun. My van (who we named Benny) was the cool van. We had the GPS (who we named Bertha), and we had the cool people. There was a little feuding between the two vans (but it was all in jest) and we all had a fun time. After we left the church, we played Catch Phrase. If you don't know what that is, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to explain the it. Anyway, we played it and had fun. Then we sang, played Who What Where and Why, sang a little more, tried to sleep, sang a little more, teased the other van, and sang. It was fun.

Camp was cool! The Blue Hatfield's (my team) won, and we were dynamite! The preaching was really good, and it was really cool to go back to our cabin and talk about what spoke to our hearts in the message. I made a few friends (and got to watch one of them eat a bug), and I got a tee-shirt for everyone to sign. I haven't counted the signatures yet, but I know I have quite a few.

I'll get off now, because I have to check a few other blogs, but I can't wait to see you all and tell you about my trip. I'll be home on Tuesday night, so I'll see you guys on Wednesday. TTFN (ta ta for now), Emily.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

This is gonna be a short post. I leave for the WILDS tomorrow, and I want to tell you that I'm going to miss you all. Please pray that we'll have a safe trip, and that my family will have a sae trips (half are going to the beach, half are going to NC).

That's all. Breakfast is waiting.

Another Crazy Day in Meadows

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here I am, at the computer, happy with what I have accomplished today. I had a picnic with Morgan and Bethanie (I made and brought along cookies), I wrote two songs, and started another one, I packed a little, and I was in an air soft war (I got shot, and it didn't feel too pleasant. I'm still a little numb). I also played with Ellie--she's so cute (not as cute as my aunt's puppy, though).

Well, the WILDS is in three days. I'm excited. Although, Pastor Nathan has been making a lot of comments about how much luggage the girls will probably bring, and how little the guys will bring. I'm only bringing my suitcase and a small backpack (plus my pillow)--I think that it would be funny if I had a less amount of luggage than the guys (I probably, will, too). Why am I bringing so little? One of the reasons is that I know if I bring something, I have to carry it myself. And I don't like to carry things, you know; I don't have too much muscle.

I went camping for the day on Tuesday, for my Mee-Mee's birthday. I had a good time (BTW, I love Subway!!!!!!). On the way home, as we (aunt Kim, Annie, and I) were driving past the lake, I saw a sight for sore eyes--it was so pretty: the misty mountians in the distance, the lake....it was quite nice. It made me think how much I love beautiful moments. And that gave me an idea for a song; a song that I call Beautiful Moments. I only have the first verse and half of the chorus, but it's getting there. I have beautiful moments a lot in the summer, so I'm sure that I'll be able to finish my song soon. I'll try and post it on here for you.

Now I'm going to go. Thinking about my song has given me an idea. Good-bye, blogger people!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'd like to tell you about someone.

I found this through a blog that I follow. It's the blog of sixteen year-old Emily. She lives in England. And she has cancer. Please pray for her.

Emily's Cancer Blog :: Pray for Emily

This is

One of my last posts for another week and a hlaf. I know that you won't miss reading my blog. And that's because everyone who read this blog will be away. A few of you will be at camp with me, two will be at the beach, and three will be camping. I'm really excited about camp! Please pray that we'll have a safe trip and a good time; I know I'll appreciate it.

Today I saw my friend Morgan for the first time in about a month. We showed each other a few songs that we were writing, then went swimming, and had an awesome time. Even though Mark did hit me with a noodle.

Our neighbor (Dylann) got a cat! They named it Russell. Then he found out that Russell was a girl. Hmmm....Now, to explain the next part, I need to know, have any of you seen "Up"? Remember how Russell finds a bird and names it Kevin, and then finds out that "Kevin's a girl!" ? Well, because the same thing happened to Dylann, he named his kitten, Kevin. But I thought that the kitten should have more of a girlie name. So, I suggested that Dylann name her Elliot, and call her Ellie for short. Now the cat's full name is Russell Kevin Elliot (Ellie for short).

I got a new computer! I can now make CDs of my songs, music videos of my songs (it has a movie maker) and I can type up my books. Not to mention play a few computer games now and then : )
I am thrilled. It's as simple as that. Thank you, Mee-Mee, for giving me a new computer! And flat screen monitor! My office looks so much more high tech, as Mark says. haha

Now I will get off. My mom wants me to start packing for the WILDS. Oh, wait a sec!


Diana turns fifteen today! Leave a comment and wish her happy birthday (I'll tell her at church).

Also Happy Birthday to my Mee-Mee. She turned ...... yesterday. Haha, I'm not going to tell you how old she is, cuz I want to get Christmas presents this years. LOL. Really, she's not that old.