When in Doubt....

1:33 PM

Put your trust in God.

When you feel like everything is going in circles, that your life is falling apart, and you don't know who you are any more, trust God. He knows. When your biggest dream starts to crumble, God can build it back up--or, if your dream wasn't in His plan, then it will crumble. Yes, it will hurt to let go of your dream. But when God tells you to back off--then back off.

Sometimes, when our dream fades, we tell ourselves that our lives are over. They aren't. Every now and then, I fall into a mood of despair. A little voice in the back of my head whispers, "You'll never get a book published. You're not a writer. You can't possibly call those words you write novels--they're worthless, lifeless, words, and that is all that they'll ever be." Then I feel like maybe I was wrong; maybe I'm not a writer. Maybe I just got caught up in the excitement of creating characters and plots. But I am a writer. I'm pretty sure that it's not just a dream; it's something that had been inside of me, for a long time, waiting to come out. And in it did.

I had written plays before, and I believe that I had started a book or two before. But I didn't consider myself a writer until a wrote a play for a club that my friends and I had started. Then I wrote another play; it was also my last play--I like to write books, now. So, I started writing stories. I still am. I have finished two short stories, and I finished the first draft of my first novel.

My plan is to continue writing stories for the rest of my life. My dream is to get them published. My goal, is to be a testimony to others; I want people to read my books and (apart from saying that they have good plots and are well-written) be able to tell that I serve the Most High God. I want be to able to say that they saw Jesus in me. That, I think, is the best thing that could ever come from the success of my dream. So the next time I'm in doubt about writing; the next time I hear that awful voice in my head; the next time I feel my dreams crumble, I will trust God. Because, He put me on this earth for a purpose: to serve Him. He has given me a talent; He has given me a job; and He knows exactly what will happen to me--He is in control. That is why I will trust Him.

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  1. I truly believe that you are a writer, too, Emily. If you want to get published, you will get published.

  2. Keep on writing and trusting Emily and God will take care of the rest. I am so proud of you!


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