12:23 PM

I never fully recuperated from the Lake. Maybe that's why I slept in till 10:00 this morning. I felt rested, but I was mad at myself for wasting a summer morning. V.B.S. has tired me out, too. Last night, I got five or more little girls who all wanted to do the same craft. And all the while, one of them was asking, "Do I do this?" I'd say yes, and then she'd just ask me again. I didn't mind, but my head was spinning--I was overwhelmed. I do like helping with V.B.S. though, no matter how tired it makes me, because I love little kids ("Mini Munchkins", I call them). Mini Munchkins are so amusing, and they're so adorable. I love to hold little kids; they're so squeezable.

You are all probably wondering where my videos and pics from the Lake are. Well, patience is a virtue that I have been having to try and exercise. Our computer is so slow, that it takes 15 to 30 minutes to load pictures on--videos take even longer. So, when nobody is around the computer, I will try to load them on.

On Saturday, my Pappy Jack is having a birthday, and so The Clan is getting together for homemade ice-cream. That. Will. Be. Be-Awesome.

I must get off now. My little brother is bugging me to get off. *sigh* It's tough being the oldest. I'll work on getting my pics on here.

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