The Lake

4:16 PM

Well, I am back. I had a wonderful time at the lake. Although, the ride home wasn't too great. Was it, David and Jackie? After we had left the lake, my great uncle called and said that there was a tornado warning in the area. After that, there was rain, wind, and lightning (there were lightning bolts one right after the other)--I was...well, let's just say...a little nervous. I practically prayed the whole way home. We could hardly see through our windshield at one (okay, more than one) time. Our whole family was driving in a row, and that--for some reason I don't know--made me feel better. When we got closer to home, everything was peaceful. It was almost as if there was never a storm. As soon as we pulled in our driveway, a different storm started (there were a few in the state). I am so thankful that God is in control, and that He is always with me!

Tonight is the first night of V.B.S. and I am helping with the crafts. I think it stinks that our church came up with the carnival idea after I was too old for Bible school. *sigh*

To get back to the lake, there was fun, food, and good company. I was even able to hold Londan without her missing Jackie too much (that might be because I had a camera in my hand). I was taking pictures of Londan and me, and when I showed one of them to her, she kissed it. LOL.
I only went tubing, not water skiing. Haha, I said that I had never crashed before, but would like to, because it looked fun; they took me at my word. That. Was. Awesome. It was also somewhat Of. A. Mistake. And it left me very sore. My chin hurts from having it slammed down on the tube, and last night in church, I found myself keeping my jaw tight--I had to do that so I wouldn't bite my tongue off while I was tubing (words of wisdom from Jackie) and I had done it so often, it was a part of me.

I'm going to try to get my pictures on here--and a video of my first crash. I played it in slow motion for a few of you at church yesterday. I was going to put them on here today, but my mom had to get a hair cut and we just got back, and we have to start getting ready for V.B.S. tonight. I'll try to load my pictures on tomorrow. No, I won't be here tomorrow, either. Wednesday...I'm not sure. Thursday should be okay. I'll just do it whenever I get the chance. Farewell!

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  1. Yes the trip home was very interesting... I am very glad we all got home safe! And we will try skiing some other time. ;-)


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