Lake Pictures #1

11:05 AM

My pictures from the Lake are going to be a series of posts, so be checking in every now and then. Here are the first five.

My cousin Jacob and Annie. Jacob was wearing his pants Urkle style.

Jackie and Annie getting ready to tube.

Haha. Jim trying on life jackets. He was sure that was The One. LOL.

One of the many pictures that I took of Londan and I. I love her face--it's priceless!

Mark and Jacob (aka J-bop or B-bop) in the paddle boat. I don't think they knew I was taking pictures of them. And I don't think they know that I'm putting the picture on here, either, so don't tell them!

And that concludes today's episode of Lake pictures. I'll work on more later.

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  1. haha, one of the many faces of Londan!! =)

  2. Yes, she is ADORABLE! All of her faces are so cute. Really, she's one in a million.


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