How Short Life is

3:06 PM

Well, I'm back from a dentist appointment. If you can remember, the last time I was there, they didn't have promising news for me ("you might need an expander"). So, I was nervous. But, no bad new today! I just have to loose two teeth before January.

For the WILDS, we have to memorize verses, and I've been working on them ahead of time. This one stuck out to me:

"Go to now, ye that say, To day or to morrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain: whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and vanisheth away."

-James 2:13-14

"As a vapor" was the title of Andrea's latest post (I bet we memorized the same verse!) and I started to think about how true this verse it. Life is so short. Much to short to worry about how much money we have, what our clothes look like, and how popular we are. We waste what little time we have. Here's an example:

A bunch of friends get done with school in late May. They make plans to have picnics, go swimming, and run around, catching lightning bugs at midnight; they just wanna be kids and do goofy stuff. One girl says that she wants to play video games for a week, and then she'll join in. She turns out playing video games all June telling herself, "I can play outside later." One day, she sleeps in until noon. "I'll have my picnic tomorrow," she decides. The next day she goes to a movie; the week after, she goes to the beach, then an amusement park, and finally, she ends up on an all-weekend shopping spree. She wakes up one morning and calls her friends. "Wanna have a picnic?" she asks. The answer was no. "Well why not?" "Because," one said, "school starts tomorrow. I have to get ready."

The girl in the story put off what she had planned to do. She wasted her summer away, and found that out too late. I think that we all tend to do that (it's called procrastinating); we all say, "Oh, I'll witness to so and so later." "I'll read my Bible later." "Tomorrow, I'll spend time with my family and friends." Maybe, if you're unsaved, you say to yourself, "I'll get saved tomorrow." But like this verse says, we can't make plans for tomorrow, because.....well, tomorrow might not come. It would be awful to wake up one morning, like the girl in the story, and realize that we put off some of the most important decisions of our life. Just think. You go to a revival meeting and the message really speaks to you. "I'll get saved later," you tell yourself. "I have other things I want to do." But the next morning, when you wake up, you find out, that you shouldn't have put that decision off. You should have repented. Because now, you're being judged for eternity. And you aren't ready.

It's amazing to think of how many things we can do in our life. And it's amazing to see how much more we can do if we put the important things first. We can do so much for God if we don't give our time to things of no consequence. Anyway, we can't afford to. After all, what is our life? "It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a time, and vanisheth away."

If you aren't saved, don't put if off! Please! Just e-mail or call me. Don't put it off.

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  1. Emily,
    I really enjoyed your post. You are a fine, Christian girl and I admire you (besides the fact that I love you more than words can express)for your willingness to stand a stand for our Savior. I think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread-ha,ha!!!!!

  2. Thank you, Mee-Mee. It was something that has been on my mind for a while now. So, I posted it. :) I think you're pretty great, too!

  3. Hey - I'm a big fan of yours too! Not only are you an awesome niece and person, you're a great writer too!

  4. Thank you!!! You're awesome!


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